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Dear Mom!

My theme for this year’s Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is A-Z of a Working Mother. Today, D is for Dear Mom! You always think your mother didn’t do a great job till you become a mommy yourself! Isn’t it? 🙂   You realise : 1. You can’t be half as good as her! 2. Whatever she did was… Read More »

Beauty Regime of A Mother!

My theme for this year’s Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is A-Z of a Working Mother. Today, B is for Beauty Regime. While looking around for the letter B, I got hold of this picture and said Voila! One things that also goes out of a window for a mother is her beauty routine! So B stood of… Read More »

Aspirations of A Mother!

 My theme for this year’s Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is A-Z of a Working Mother. Today, A is for Aspirations. Still was a rockstar at work, till she became a Mother.. So she became a Mother! Yes, she left her handsome salary package behind. Cause ‘Aspirations’ do change for a Mother! It is like you are… Read More »

A-Z Blogging Challenge – Theme Reveal!

Okay! So let me begin with a confession. I am a lazy blogger. I blog only when I get some itch to write or some thought really makes me think. So when I heard about the A-Z challenge, I thought – 26 posts in a month!! Whoopsie, Am I a writing machine? 🙂 But who doesn’t love to push… Read More »

Why I would prefer a Vaginal Delivery again!

The day I got to know about my pregnancy, I was more worried than happy. No, I wanted the baby. But I was scared to death by the thought of delivery. All my life I have seen or imagined delivery as a painful and horrifying process. I was scared. Like real scared! I told myself to relax. Its… Read More »

My Resolutions as a Mother in 2015

As the new year drew close, the social media went abuzz with resolutions. My Facebook wall had series of them listed by my friends. When you’re a mother, you see each day as it comes! Who has the energy left to look ahead a year for resolutions! But this new year brought in some moments to rejoice. My birdie… Read More »

5 pieces of parenting advice that I picked from my mother.

Unlike earlier times when we had so many people around to indulge our baby, most of us live in nuclear families today and we are on our own. With some initial support from our mother or mother in law, we eventually take all parenting responsibilities on our shoulders. Thanks to the internet, we find solace in the mothering… Read More »

How to introduce Food Discipline in Babies.

After your baby is 6 months old, both of you step into the world of solids. At the outset it feels exciting. Its not just the milk now. But as days pass by you sense a challenge. You start looking around at other children. Wonder when can your baby turn this chubby! The one question that pops your… Read More »

5 truths about Motherhood no one would admit!

My life has never been so meaningful! I always wanted to be a mother! We’ve got a purpose to live! That’s what a new parent should say, right? Gleaming with smiles, cuddling and caressing their kids. Boasting of how lovely parenthood is. Picture this. I want to break away from motherhood for a day! I wish I knew… Read More »

Pumping Moms – Breast Pumps

Welcome to the next instalment in the pumping Moms series. Incase you missed the earlier one, read here. So once you decide to be a pumping mother, how to go about it? Once you decide to pump and feed you would need the following equipments in place : 1. A breast pump. 2.  Storage containers. 3. Bottles 4. Sterilizer 5.… Read More »