My Mister and Me.


I am Nancy, a wife and Mother, currently enjoying her liberation of the thirties

I am Software (Delivery) Professional for my living and a Writer for my love of words. So basically, I am a mother who is into delivering software solutions and loves to write. Too many things, I tell ya! 🙂 

This site is a potpourri of anything and everything that makes me sit back and think for a while. I love to write about everyday occurrences that make life what it is.

From a simple incident to a secretive wisdom.. from that funny incident at the store to a political opinion!

Two important things to know about me:

1. I do not serve fools gladly.

2. I find subservience derogatory.

To help you carve an image of me, let me wear each ‘hat’ for you.

A Corporate Slave

I am a Marketing Graduate and an ISB Executive Education Alum. I do a 9-5 job in Project Management. But hold on before you pity me! The writer in me finds lot a of juice here. I love to observe people, their reactions and behaviour. And Of course, some of them do become the subject of my blogs! 🙂

A Fitness Junkie

I was always chubby or on the healthy side (to mince my words!). Back in 2012, I fell in love with a fit body. I lost 7 kgs to transform mine into one!

Soon, pregnancy took over me and I gained whooping 20 kgs! But the love for fitness was still strong. I lost my postpartum weight within a year. Oh yeah, I had a healthy weight loss btw! Through my fitness blogs, I try to give away my learning and tips for crashing those kilos. Hope you find them useful!

A Mother

In 2014, I had this tiny, delicate girl in my hands, smiling at me and assuring that life ahead would be beautiful and fun! Since then, I have heuuge respect for all fellow mothers! The sweet and sour experience of motherhood made me start my articles on parenting. I also give my parenting gyaan at Indian Moms Connect and BuzzingBubs. I was featured by Smart Indian Women folks. Gratitude to them!

So find my quirkiness on mommy hood and my life there after on this blog!

A Singer

Had my passion won over my profession years back, you would have found me singing in some album today! So yes, I sing very well. But today that just stands as a hobby. You can go ahead and hear me in action at my sound cloud account!

A Book Lover

I was an avid reader, till Motherhood happened. I am getting back to it now. You can connect to my bookshelf and send me some good reads too! You can find book reviews of the books that make me ‘think’.

And.. Wife!

Ah! The easiest one at the end. Married to a generous soul (aka My Mister) who keeps me grounded and sane! Apart from bringing out the best in me, Of Course 🙂


That’s about me folks! Hope you enjoy reading the posts. Do connect to me on Social Media for your feedback or any query!

I’d love to hear back!