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Dear Mommies, create your own village!

There are so many aspects to raising a child that it practically requires many people around to fulfill it. Nutrition, health and safety, connecting with wildlife and nature, religious beliefs, physical growth and the list can be unending.What is important to realize here is that no one person “fits the bill”.

Pregnant Sisters.

I am blessed to have an elder sibling. A sister! Cliched? May be. Sometimes, cliches do make sense. And, I love to put them to use. 🙂 I was pampered (still am, to some extent). Most importantly guided all through to save myself from potential hurting corners. But I had one regret. I wasn’t treated “at par”. “Equal” – to hear… Read More »

I do miss these things about my pre-motherhood life!

Reality struck me as soon as I held my daughter in my arms. Motherhood is one job where you do not have the option to undergo training, beforehand to help you prepare. You learn everything on the job. This implies that we tend to discover the impact and consequences only when we are into it. So, when my… Read More »

3 things I won’t concede as I turn 31.

I was thirty last year and today I am adding another year to it. Gosh! It’s thirty plus one! If I look back at my twenties, it was more about conforming to the standards my parents had laid or did expect us to adhere and achieve. I got married in mid-twenties and was conforming to another mould. So I was… Read More »

Tales of a reticent mum and her socially forthcoming daughter.

I’ve never been the one to approach strangers with a warm smile. Seldom been the first one to break any conversation. Eventually, termed myself as reticent. An introvert. While some seemed to be perturbed by this connotation, I was pretty comfortable in my skin 🙂 Eventually, found a man of few words. And aha it was two to tango! While it… Read More »

How to spot a great Pediatrician for your child?

It takes 9 months of pregnancy to bring out a mother in a women. In my previous post I talked about how the choice of your gynecologist affects you and your baby’s health. It is thus important to take an educated decision. But once you have a baby in your arms, a new search begins. This time, of a Pediatrician. 🙂… Read More »

Thank You, Mr Google!

We are the parents of the gadget era. We Google before turning up to the doctor. And as the doctor tells you the symptoms and course of treatment, you murmur, I know. You never undergo any training for motherhood. This is the only job in the world, where you learn on the field. Internet has made parenting easy.… Read More »

What should you look for while choosing your Gynaecologist?

Pregnancy is a very special journey for the expectant parents. From the very start you want to choose the best for your baby. As soon as you come to know, you prefer to meet a doctor. Someone who can guide you through the nine months and ensure the best health of both of you. It is very important that this decision is… Read More »

Fitness and Motherhood!

My theme for this year’s Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is A-Z of a Working Mother. Today, F is for Fitness and Motherhood! With more than 42 million overweight children around the world, childhood obesity is increasing worldwide. Our children are born in the gadgets era. When they see their parents glued to iphones and ipads throughout the… Read More »

Empathize, fellow Mothers!

Mom1 : Hey, how old is your baby? Mom2 : He is 15 months. How old is your girl? Mom1: (happy to admit) 13 months. Mom1 : Does he walk? Mom 2 : No, not yet. Cruises but hasn’t started to walk. Mom 1: Ohhh!(Shocked) he DOESN’T WALK at 15 months? My girl is almost running now. Did… Read More »