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Tales of a reticent mum and her socially forthcoming daughter.

I’ve never been the one to approach strangers with a warm smile. Seldom been the first one to break any conversation. Eventually, termed myself as reticent. An introvert. While some seemed to be perturbed by this connotation, I was pretty comfortable in my skin 🙂 Eventually, found a man of few words. And aha it was two to tango! While it… Read More »

5 truths about Motherhood no one would admit!

My life has never been so meaningful! I always wanted to be a mother! We’ve got a purpose to live! That’s what a new parent should say, right? Gleaming with smiles, cuddling and caressing their kids. Boasting of how lovely parenthood is. Picture this. I want to break away from motherhood for a day! I wish I knew… Read More »

7 Signs You’re a Mother!

A Mother is born when a baby comes into this world. So yeah, you’re  a mother when you have a baby! But there are moments when you smile at what you just did. And say – cause I am a mother ! So what are those “signs” that remind you being a mother? Read on. 1. Your clothes disclose… Read More »