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Dear Mommies, create your own village!

There are so many aspects to raising a child that it practically requires many people around to fulfill it. Nutrition, health and safety, connecting with wildlife and nature, religious beliefs, physical growth and the list can be unending.What is important to realize here is that no one person “fits the bill”.

Tales of a reticent mum and her socially forthcoming daughter.

I’ve never been the one to approach strangers with a warm smile. Seldom been the first one to break any conversation. Eventually, termed myself as reticent. An introvert. While some seemed to be perturbed by this connotation, I was pretty comfortable in my skin 🙂 Eventually, found a man of few words. And aha it was two to tango! While it… Read More »

5 truths about Motherhood no one would admit!

My life has never been so meaningful! I always wanted to be a mother! We’ve got a purpose to live! That’s what a new parent should say, right? Gleaming with smiles, cuddling and caressing their kids. Boasting of how lovely parenthood is. Picture this. I want to break away from motherhood for a day! I wish I knew… Read More »

7 Signs You’re a Mother!

A Mother is born when a baby comes into this world. So yeah, you’re  a mother when you have a baby! But there are moments when you smile at what you just did. And say – cause I am a mother ! So what are those “signs” that remind you being a mother? Read on. 1. Your clothes disclose… Read More »