What to eat before and after a Workout?

By | September 9, 2015

what-to-eat-before-and-after-workout-img-27969Okay, so you have started working out. But you don’t see significant improvement on the weighing scale? Don’t lose hope. It’s time you look back at what you eat. Working out regularly is only half of the battle won. How you fuel your body through the day is the significant other half. In order to see success in your weight loss plan, it is important to especially look at what you eat before and after a workout.

But we are mothers. We don’t have the privilege to sit and plan our workouts and meals. It is too much to expect. So how to keep a discipline? One trick that I use is work out in the morning. This post talks about the benefits of working out in morning. I start my day with regular lemon juice and honey and hit straight to my workout zone. Post my workout, I have the regular breakfast.

This further helps in starting my day with full energy and happy stomach! 🙂

In case mornings don’t work for you, plan a workout session before any regular meal. This way you save the effort of planning what to eat after a workout. From my experience, working out late in the evening or before dinner doesn’t help you lose much weight. So ideally place it either before breakfast or lunch.

Okay so what are the options? You should understand the a meal before a workout is meant to fuel you just enough to sustain your workout. A meal afterwards should be sumptuous and nutritious. So our desi meals (barring the dollops of ghee and sugar laddened sweets) is an ideal food item to be consumed post workout. For a quick reference I am posting some options which are easily available in out kitchens for before and after a workout session:

What to eat before workout:

The idea here is to eat something that doesn’t make you full or bloated. Some quick options can be:

1. Apple

2. Banana and Yogurt

3. Bread Toast

4. Boiled Egg

5. Poha


What to eat after:

This is easier. After a strenuous workout it is important to replenish your body with all the nutrients. So essentially you should have a sumptuous healthy Indian meal. If you are unable to have a meal right away, have some snack immediately and plan a meal right away.

1. Eggs

2. Milk shakes and bread toast

3. Fruits

4. Regular Indian meal with rice/chapati

5. Poha/dalia/idli/dosa

The important thing to understand is you need to fuel your body once you are done with your workout. Don’t shy away from eating in the hope of fast paced weight loss. Remember, working out and eating clean and healthy (often) is the only way of healthy and sustained weight loss.

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