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I do miss these things about my pre-motherhood life!

Reality struck me as soon as I held my daughter in my arms. Motherhood is one job where you do not have the option to undergo training, beforehand to help you prepare. You learn everything on the job. This implies that we tend to discover the impact and consequences only when we are into it. So, when my… Read More »

How to introduce Food Discipline in Babies.

After your baby is 6 months old, both of you step into the world of solids. At the outset it feels exciting. Its not just the milk now. But as days pass by you sense a challenge. You start looking around at other children. Wonder when can your baby turn this chubby! The one question that pops your… Read More »

Pumping MOMs.

Mom1 : Cute baby! How old is she? Mom2 : Thanks, she is 4 months. Mom1 : Oh great! What do you give her? Mom2 : I bottle feed her. Mom1 : Oh, so you give her formula milk. Mom2 : No , She takes breast milk BUT through a bottle. Cause I am a Pumping Mom!  … Read More »

I am not a toy, I am a girl.

Another rape, another girl, another beast, another new story making headlines. But this time the another girl is not even a girl. She is a tiny 6 year old! The times when Rape is the biggest challenge to Indian society, how would you explain the psychology of raping a 6 year old? I am a mother to a tiny… Read More »

Being A Mother..

Getting to know that a life is nurturing inside has been “a” feeling . All those 9 months of morning sickness, penguin walk, frequent rest room trips look worth while as you hold the little one for the first time. When I held my daughter, as soon as she came to being, I did not know how to… Read More »