A-Z Blogging Challenge – Theme Reveal!

By | April 1, 2015

Okay! So let me begin with a confession. I am a lazy blogger. I blog only when I get some itch to write or some thought really makes me think. So when I heard about the A-Z challenge, I thought – 26 posts in a month!! Whoopsie, Am I a writing machine? 🙂

But who doesn’t love to push the limits? So here I am. Officially entering this challenge. As soon as I realized this, my next worry was what would I write about. To be so prolific this whole month? I am a mother (which means I have a LOOT of tales to tell) and a working professional (expect more juices here! :D)

So finalizing my theme was easy! Here is the teaser 🙂


You are working 24*7 if you are a mother. But what if you’re a mother and a working soul? Come and join me as I blog about being a working Mommy in a corporate world (yes, the big mean world !) all through this month!


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