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Why COVID pandemic is the greatest self improvement course you could do!

COVID-19 needs no introduction. Every day we are inundated with stats, updates and news of all kinds. By now, all of us are well versed with what this deadly virus outbreak is about. I am not going to attempt any elaboration on this. We no longer need “how is the weather today” kind of starters for any conversation.… Read More »

When we were the ‘uninvited guests’.

  If you have been following my posts, you must know how me and my Mr. work hard on being social. Over the weekend, one of my Mr’s colleague invited us to a small gathering on the arrival of his newborn. We were enthusiastic. High five-ed and said bring it on! Time to turn social. Yay!( We so love it.) So… Read More »

5 Signs that your digital life is killing your real life.

(For the next 5 minutes, please ensure that you close all other tabs in your browser. And DO NOT open facebook or reply to any WhatsApp while you read. If you find it very difficult to resist, you SHOULD read this post!) I still remember how one of my friends greeted me when I joined facebook. “Welcome to… Read More »

The big 5 for life in 2017!

It’s a brand new year. Yet again. Year after year. Resolution is a cliched word to use around this time of the year. It’s overly used and abused. So of course, I’ll stay clear. This post is not about my new year resolutions. With this post, I am trying to bring focus to the big 5 areas we… Read More »

Humans and Humanity do not belong together, anymore

I read about the news last night. Blame it on the “mobile generation”. I read it around 12:30 am when not much details were known. But the mere fact that one person like you and me was killed, sorry Lynched (its not just a word!) right outside his house instigated rage and unrest. I was scared. For everyone I… Read More »

Being an Introvert ain’t a bad thing!

All the growing up years, I wasn’t a party animal. Was never the one surrounded by people, always. Ironically, I was mostly found on stage. I liked to be in public space. Do my jig and eventually roll back into my zone. Both, the excess and lack of public space bothered me. It actually fatigued me mentally. As I… Read More »

How to Eat More and Lose Weight.

If you spend a day with me, you will be baffled by how much I eat. I munch every three hours. Yet I claim a healthy weight loss! So good to be true? I am not kidding 🙂 Over the years, I have learnt that the mantra of loosing weight is eating right and eating often. Eating just… Read More »

Why you should not rave about Haryana Sisters’ Episode.

The brave Haryana sisters. From the local bus where they thrashed their molesters, they’ve reached news rooms, dinner tables and newspapers. Pretty fast. They shall now be honoured at the coming republic day. I fail to understand the honour part. Why the honour? What they did was “heroic”? If you look from another angle you will be sad… Read More »

What do women want?

From times immemorial, we women have been butt of a lot of jokes. What women want, even Einstein cannot discover! Every time I feel puzzled. Are we so complex that whole universe is trying to find an answer? I bet not. “We are simplest of all dude! Why is it a herculean task for you to understand us?”… Read More »

I’m in the News!

After penning 29 posts, I got the opportunity to mark this 30 th post with some great news. Recently, I got interviewed by the Smart Indian Women folks. Initially it made me nervous. Now when I look back and read what I said, I am glad it happened! You can read the full excerpt of the interview where… Read More »