5 truths about Motherhood no one would admit!

By | November 12, 2014


My life has never been so meaningful!

I always wanted to be a mother!

We’ve got a purpose to live!

That’s what a new parent should say, right? Gleaming with smiles, cuddling and caressing their kids. Boasting of how lovely parenthood is.

Picture this.

I want to break away from motherhood for a day! I wish I knew what I was getting into while I was pregnant. I am tired  of being a mother!

If you meet this woman and hear what she has to say, I m sure you will have some contempt for her later.

Oh! she is not happy being a mother! Doesn’t she know its the biggest gift of nature. I pity her! Blah blah blah!!

The truth is, these thoughts come to almost every new mother. But the way we are programmed, we find it awful! A mother would curse herself for even letting such thoughts come to her mind! Forget admitting it!

I tell people that Motherhood is something totally different. You have to experience it to understand it.

Is it rosy? Well NO!  But what do we tell an expectant mother? Do we tell her how ‘really’ life would completely turn for her! How she would have to let go of herself for motherhood to seep in?

All we say is, your whole life will change.

Isn’t it the truth? Well yeah! But not complete.

Here are the 5 truths of motherhood that no one would ever admit.

1. After you deliver, you would want to sleep than admiring your baby!

2. Amidst those sleepless night, you would want this to end! You’ll want your life back!

3.  You’ll never get a day off, even when you’re sick! Oh wait! You wont have the choice to fall sick too!

4. Henceforth, it would be your baby, husband, house, parents, pets, everything else and you! Yes, the last one on the list!

5. Someday, you would want to scream that you dont want a second one!

Ladies, if you have experienced any of the above mentioned points, kudos! You are normal! 😀

So is motherhood cruel on the lady?  Well its just about setting the right expectations. If you know what are you getting into, motherhood would empower you in a way you’ve never felt before.

I understand it now why mothers are ‘god like’ for their children. Once you give birth to humanity, you are empowered to do nearly anything in this world.

Brace yourself for the truth!

Motherhood is very difficult! I mean very! Letting yourself go completly isn’t easy. Giving away your body. Extending your soul. Wearing your heart outside your body.

But what you get in return makes it all worth it. The Unconditional love! No one can love you the way your lil one does. And that beautifies all the agony and pain of motherhood!

So go ahead, and experience it.

P.S. This post is inspired by this awesome video from the babble.com co founders. Do Watch it!


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5 thoughts on “5 truths about Motherhood no one would admit!

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  2. Rachna

    Yes, motherhood is taxing and everything that you said. The kids make it worth it though it is hard work on a daily basis.

    1. nancy Post author

      Thanks for visiting rachna! Your post on not writing for free was super! Enjoyed reading it 🙂


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