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7 Signs You’re a Mother!

A Mother is born when a baby comes into this world. So yeah, you’re  a mother when you have a baby! But there are moments when you smile at what you just did. And say – cause I am a mother ! So what are those “signs” that remind you being a mother? Read on. 1. Your clothes disclose… Read More »

Pumping MOMs.

Mom1 : Cute baby! How old is she? Mom2 : Thanks, she is 4 months. Mom1 : Oh great! What do you give her? Mom2 : I bottle feed her. Mom1 : Oh, so you give her formula milk. Mom2 : No , She takes breast milk BUT through a bottle. Cause I am a Pumping Mom!  … Read More »

Being A Mother..

Getting to know that a life is nurturing inside has been “a” feeling . All those 9 months of morning sickness, penguin walk, frequent rest room trips look worth while as you hold the little one for the first time. When I held my daughter, as soon as she came to being, I did not know how to… Read More »