Why you should not rave about Haryana Sisters’ Episode.

By | December 4, 2014

no_clapThe brave Haryana sisters. From the local bus where they thrashed their molesters, they’ve reached news rooms, dinner tables and newspapers. Pretty fast. They shall now be honoured at the coming republic day.

I fail to understand the honour part. Why the honour? What they did was “heroic”? If you look from another angle you will be sad to understand what this situation indicates.

Its the survival of the fittest today. You have to act, now! You have to save yourself from the goons. There is no law of land to guard you. Onlookers don’t bother to serve any justice. Its the action now that saves you from being a victim later on.

You got to know about these sisters cause somebody captured the incident. There are number of females who fight with perverts like these to save their honour and life, everyday. So please don’t term this incident “heroic”. For a female, its the way of living a safe life. We start teaching the practices like “good touch bad touch”, “self defence” at very early stage in school. Cause we know, only these things can save our girls. Not the law, judiciary or the police. Sadly, inside we know these incidents are bound to happen to them. Better safe than sorry.

And dear Haryana government, while you cant do what is appropriate, you save your face by giving honours. Its a no brainer. An honour doesn’t guarantee that no other man will ever harass them. Catching and punishing those perverts hard will. Keeping them away from the society will. Politics drains out the intelligence, I guess!

Jan 26, 2015. When sisters would get honoured  for their act, somewhere a female would still be fighting a depraved soul of this society.






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6 thoughts on “Why you should not rave about Haryana Sisters’ Episode.

  1. Anju@TravelingNoodles.com

    I am glad that this caught attention as it would encourage women to fight for themselves. But it is a very sad place to be in. Every woman I have known as been either harassed or molested on the streets for their gender.

  2. nancy Post author

    Yes Anju. I guess to be alert and always ready to fight back has become our second nature when we step out. We know that when you walk on streets, this ‘will’ happen. And it scares me as I look at my daughter 🙁

  3. Partha

    The sisters are serial offenders. They beat up men and take video to extort them. There are many people who have extorted by them. No media demanded their punishment rather govt gave them award. Just think of a man in a similar situation. Even when he tried to save himself for being beaten up, he was accused as molester. If this continue to happen then India will soon see anarchy.

    Here no one is thinking of the honour of the old lady who was deprived of her seat. NCW gave award to criminal women who deprived another women, and women are feeling proud of that.

  4. nancy Post author

    Hey Partha, I would not comment on the “serial sisters” as you coined them 🙂
    I’d say one rotten fruit spoils the whole bunch. Like recently one cab driver took away the entire shine and sheen of Uber brand and fellow cab drivers. In India, the number of incidents of assaults and molestation towards women is way way high than the other way round. If a girl slaps a guy on road, people will blame the guy of doing some mis deed.
    A girl at fault would be like one in a hundred cases. And if the sisters do beat men for money or otherwise, I feel sorry for the wise men who fall prey. They are just paying for the mis deeds of their fellow Indian men. 🙂
    Thanks for posting your point of view!


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