How to Eat More and Lose Weight.

By | December 15, 2014


If you spend a day with me, you will be baffled by how much I eat. I munch every three hours. Yet I claim a healthy weight loss!

So good to be true? I am not kidding 🙂

Over the years, I have learnt that the mantra of loosing weight is eating right and eating often. Eating just three times a day is old school.

I stay away from “fattening foods”, yet I gain weight!

Before we go further, it is essential to understand how your body works. When you eat a meal, it gets converted into energy and fat. An active body burns most of the food into energy. When your body converts most into fat, you gain weight.

What If I don’t eat? Or eat very less? Dieting?

Okay. So lets see what happens when you starve yourself.

Your body goes into a panic mode. Its not getting any food aka fuel to carry on the processes. It starts to use the fat reserve to sustain the daily activities. Now whenever you eat, your body first turns this food into fat to replenish its fat stores. Cause it doesn’t know when you’ll be giving it the next meal.

Now you know why skipping a meal in the name of dieting doesn’t help?

Contrary to this, if you eat often, your body trusts that it will get food again! It keeps burning your food into energy and makes you stay active and light.

Food is meant to be savoured and relished. If you are gaining pounds, don’t blame the food in your plate. Its your machinery aka body which is unable to process it correctly.

 If your car starts giving low mileage, do you blame the fuel or the car?

Don’t throw away that meal. Work on your sluggish body!

Metabolism can be improved with a combination of physical activity and clean eating habits. Let’s talk about eating clean in this post.

I hardly get time to eat my three meals properly. How do I arrange so many meals?

We all are running pillar to post each day. When most of us hardly get time to eat our three meals, how to think about frequent eating?

Read these simple tricks below to help you change your lifestyle.

1. Drink water. Eat a fruit as you get up.

I am a mother looking after my baby. I still ‘manage’ to do that every morning. So you can too! Period.

2. Watch the clock and train yourself.

You will need to work at this. If you’ve been eating full sumptuous three meals so far, it’ll take a while. Try eating small portions. Keeping in mind that you have to eat again in three hours. If you stuff yourself right away, you wont feel hungry. Another way is to break your meal into half. If you eat three paranthas in morning, try two in breakfast and one post it.

3. Don’t Ignore your Breakfast.

Breakfast in the literal sense breaks your night long fast. Make it the most important meal of the day. Fuel your body to sustain the activities throughout the day. Skipping breakfast makes you grumpy. It is also known that ignoring breakfast tends to increase your chances of gorging on food later.

4.  Eat light at night. Avoid carbs, if you can.

I believe this is the most important step in building a healthy eating lifestyle. And so many of us go wrong here. Eating a heavy meal at dinner is part of our culture. If you eat heavy at night, you will never feel empty in morning. You’ll not eat a good breakfast. So the whole day goes for a toss.

Try to eat light at night. If you fill your plate with a dal, sabzi, salad, curd and fruits, would you need a roti still? Try it to believe it. Its all in our mind. 🙂

5. Never Gorge. Remember you’ll get to eat again!

Eat slow and enjoy your food. Don’t rush into gulping everything down. Eating slow gives enough time for your brain to signal when you are full. You would never end up over eating. And remember, you’ll eat again, soon! 🙂

At the end, let me put it like this

Train your mind, your body will follow!



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  2. Sakshi Bhatia

    Some are great tips. Thanks for penning that down for us 🙂

      1. nancy Post author

        You are welcome Sakshi! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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