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5 Signs that your digital life is killing your real life.

(For the next 5 minutes, please ensure that you close all other tabs in your browser. And DO NOT open facebook or reply to any WhatsApp while you read. If you find it very difficult to resist, you SHOULD read this post!) I still remember how one of my friends greeted me when I joined facebook. “Welcome to… Read More »

While you Facebook!

In the beginning, I was wary of being on facebook. But then people thought, I was missing the civilization! Well, yes actually. All the action happens here. So much so, when we meet somebody for the first time, we do ask – “Are u on facebook?” This medium has, by far, become the easiest mode of communication. Rather,… Read More »

Why This Kolaveri?

I am sure, the word ‘Kolaveri’ needs no elaboration! Thanks to the phenomenal success of this latest song. From being a total stranger, this new lingo is the latest addition to my language. Another day, another morning. I picked up my cup of tea and newspaper. I could see Mr Kapil Sibal occupying the coveted position on the… Read More »