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Ice Ice Baby!

From making headlines in the newspapers, trending on twitter.. the news slowly crept onto my facebook wall! And I thought – Gosh! Its approaching! The famous #IceBucketChallenge. I have love hate relationship with this, so far. I love the expressions that people give when the ice water splashes and numbs them. But I hate the water that is… Read More »

Oops! You are not the salesman!

Super Market, a wife busy buying groceries. Looks around for tea leaves but cannot spot. Turns around and looks at a man standing few steps apart and blurts -“Bhaiya, tea leaves kahan hain? (Where are the tea leaves kept?)”  The man stares and says “I don’t know and disappears in a jiffy!”

I am not a toy, I am a girl.

Another rape, another girl, another beast, another new story making headlines. But this time the another girl is not even a girl. She is a tiny 6 year old! The times when Rape is the biggest challenge to Indian society, how would you explain the psychology of raping a 6 year old? I am a mother to a tiny… Read More »

A glass of water, Please!

A great body is in vogue. There are more gyms than parks in the neighborhood. We all know what’s healthy and what’s not. Every bookshelf now has books on fitness. Dietitians are thriving. People want to know how to loose weight. All fitness articles invariably talk about benefits of water. Drinking lots of water is the best and… Read More »

Painted – By Choice!

Yesterday, one of the comments from the most educated families of India appalled me. The man in spotlight accused the protesting women to be “dented and painted” and thus “unfit” for calling on this protest. How insanely can you make it stand against the credibility of women? What baffled me was the blatant picture he showed of our society. If a person of such… Read More »

Empty Your Cups!

Ravi was a Marketing Manager for a company in Bengaluru. Though his association with the company had been long, he was still happy with his work. Looked forward to each day. People often used to say, “he has seen the company grow“. He was quite respected for his work, his commitment and dedication. Since was also one of… Read More »

While you Facebook!

In the beginning, I was wary of being on facebook. But then people thought, I was missing the civilization! Well, yes actually. All the action happens here. So much so, when we meet somebody for the first time, we do ask – “Are u on facebook?” This medium has, by far, become the easiest mode of communication. Rather,… Read More »

The Ad ‘Mirage’

Spray the deodrant and the angels would fall for you..n quite literally !! A fairness cream that will not only bring back your self esteem but will let you excel in your career.. manifold!! A cola in hand would make you the dude of the youngistan!! Wear a vest and punch a bundle of men, in their face!… Read More »

Lift Main Kabhi Kabhi!

One hurried morning, I barely arrived in the vicinity of my workplace. Like many others, I looked around for a lift. As one arrived, I  got swayed inside like a tide, reminding me of Indian Railways :). Finally I am in.. I sighed! I was getting late to work..anxiety levels were rising. I needed to be in now.… Read More »

Why This Kolaveri?

I am sure, the word ‘Kolaveri’ needs no elaboration! Thanks to the phenomenal success of this latest song. From being a total stranger, this new lingo is the latest addition to my language. Another day, another morning. I picked up my cup of tea and newspaper. I could see Mr Kapil Sibal occupying the coveted position on the… Read More »