7 Signs You’re a Mother!

By | September 3, 2014

motherhood_3A Mother is born when a baby comes into this world. So yeah, you’re  a mother when you have a baby!

But there are moments when you smile at what you just did. And say – cause I am a mother ! So what are those “signs” that remind you being a mother? Read on.

1. Your clothes disclose your baby’s food menu!

The prim n prom you goes into the woods! Picture this : You just bathed and finally donned “clean” pair of clothes. And voila! the little one smears the cereal she is eating. Like earlier times, you DO NOT run to change your clothes. You smile and say its just a cereal! Cause you’re a mother!

2. Uncombed Tresses!

Getting enough time to bathe, nourish and clean your tresses is like ‘a’ privilege. And while you just experience this, urgency is declared by your baby. You cut the slack, tie your ‘nourished hair’ in a bun and report back to your duty. At night, you retire to bed and let your hair loose. You realise that you forgot to comb them through the day! Cause you’re a mother!

3. U swear by the power of a power nap!

Before my baby, sleeping meant a sound sleep with absolutely no noise and light. Cut to post motherhood, I can ‘power’ nap in moving car, couch, bench, chair, floor Just offer me a place! And did I just say ‘no-noise’ earlier?!? I must be joking, cause I am mother!

4. You can eat your meal in a jiffy.

A lot of nutritionists stress that a meal should be eaten slowly. You should appreciate the color and texture of food while eating. Cut to motherhood, ‘Gobble’ is the word. I now wonder why I haven’t seen a mother taking half n hour to eat her food. Cause, we’re a mother!

5. You keep calm in a mess!

First the prim and prom you goes for a toss. The house follows next. The you who couldn’t stand disorder or mess can now sit peacefully in the sea of toys lying on the floor. At times, I do not bother to put them back. They’ll be out again, anyway! Cause I am a mother!

6. You speak their language!

Now a bus becomes a Bushhh.  Most of the times u find yourself talking gibberish. Something that you and your baby understands. It becomes hilarious when these words creep in your adult conversations. You chew you words and smile. Cause you’re a mother!

7. Potty isn’t a Taboo, anymore!

All this while you used to politely say “going to the rest room”. Post baby, using the word potty becomes too easy! No qualms anymore! You can confidently shout in a room full of people- “I ve to clean her potty”. Cause we’re a mother!


So what are your signs that remind you of being a mommy? Do share in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “7 Signs You’re a Mother!

  1. Ravreet

    I started reading this post on Wednesday and completed today.. Coz I’m a mother 🙂

  2. nancy Post author

    Ha ha! That was the best comment this post could get! Thanks for Liking it Ravreet 🙂


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