The Truth is – Eating More (and NOT less) will help you lose weight.

By | February 7, 2017


eat-more-food-lose-weightWeight loss is desired by many. It is the most overrated and misunderstood topic as well. You can now (very well) imagine the chaos, my friend!

In a group, inadvertently, numerous pieces of advice are thrown at you. And at times, many are conflicting as well. Which leaves you baffled. You look for that one soul to let you know what exactly you should do to lose the extra kilos.

Let me help you. Remember these golden words –

Okay, don’t be baffled, just yet.

Let me ask you a question – What happens when you fill premium quality petrol in a 20 years old car? Does it (magically) increase the mileage?

No, it doesn’t.

In simpler terms, it’s not fuel’s fault. The poor mileage is to be blamed at the internals of the car.

Now, apply this analogy to the human body.

The car in question is your body and the premium petrol is the food. If your body’s metabolism( internal system of a car) is poor, anything you eat will NOT BE efficiently converted to energy. Rather would be deposited as fat. If you don’t put a machinery to use, often, it becomes sluggish.

If you do not put your metabolism to use, your body becomes sluggish. Some people are born with an amazing metabolism. The one’s we envy! They gorge and yet remain slim 🙂

For the rest of us, remember, we can always train our body. And in this pursuit, you should eat more, my friend! When you eat, your body’s metabolism is put to use. 

And this is exactly what we want!

Read these 5 tips to train your metabolism –

1. Eat every two-three hours.

Time to ditch the age-old three king sized meals a day. We don’t do as much physical work as our ancestors. Switch to mini meals which are just enough to make you hungry again in two hours. Apart from the three standard meals, you should include 2-3 snacks (fruits/nuts/salad or soups/yoghurt). As a good practice try to include two fruit servings in a day. Do not SKIP breakfast. Cause if you do, you won’t be able to continue with 2 hourly rhythm.

2. Reduce your portion size.

Try to pick up small bowls or small sized plates to restrict how much you put on your plate. Take small portions initially. Add another serving, if needed. We are so busy that eating food also becomes a task. We jump on to it to get it done asap. Go slow and enjoy your meal. This is what you live for.

3. Eat slow and stop when you burp.

Remember when mum used to tell to eat slowly. Chew your food and swallow? Mum is always right 🙂

By eating slowly, you give ample time for your system to signal your brain, once it is full. If you gorge, you’ll know it after you have gulped down everything. And it’s too late!

4. Workout at least 5 times a day.

A workout is the other 50% of the weight loss story. You can’t get away with it. You have to sweat it out and there is no bargain or shortcut for that. So ensure you spend around 30 mins only any physical activity that pumps up your heart rate and makes you sweat.

5. Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day.

Don’t we know this? If you are struggling with it read my simple tips to increase your water intake.

In the nutshell,

Decrease the proportion size and Increase the frequency!!


Have you already switched to eating more philosophy? How was your journey. Leave it in the comments below. I’d love to know 🙂

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