A glass of water, Please!

By | July 4, 2014

a-glass-of-water-on-a-trayA great body is in vogue. There are more gyms than parks in the neighborhood. We all know what’s healthy and what’s not. Every bookshelf now has books on fitness. Dietitians are thriving. People want to know how to loose weight.

All fitness articles invariably talk about benefits of water. Drinking lots of water is the best and easiest gift you can give to your body. Irony is, people find it so difficult! If you advise “please drink 8-10 glasses of water“. People stare at you as if they want to yell “that’s fine, but how to loose weight?”

Before I coax you to drink often let me list the benefits you reap :

1. Water is a boon for skin. Keeps skin supple and clean. That coveted glow comes for free!

2.A well hydrated body is active and full of energy. Try taking one or two glasses of water when you are zapped. You will notice the difference.

3. Hydration is the key to overall fitness. Water is one such item which is low in calorie, easily accessible and filling.

Now the question arises how to increase the intake? There are people who cannot finish even a glass when offered. For them this may sound like a far fetched dream. That’s where I step in. The following tips would help you gradually increase your intake of water:

1. Never refuse.
Make it a point to never say NO to a glass of water whenever you are offered one. Of course keeping in mind the quality! 🙂

2. Finish what you have started!
No pints,quarters! Always finish the drink .

3.Befriend a bottle.
Always carry one with you and refill as and when empty. Its easier to take larger volume with a bottle. Keep your bottle within your reach always. Make a habit of sipping from the bottle whenever you see it.

4. Mind the temperature.
Always drink water which is near to room temperature. You cant drink “glasses” of either chilled or warm water.

5. Snack on water.
Its a myth that you should only drink when thirsty. Treat water as the snack you munch idling. There isn’t a reason to drink water.

Weight loss is a journey and like any other journey there has to be some preparation done. Making peace with water is once such step you can take to inch closer to your goal of fitness.
The new mantra of your life, A Glass Of Water, Please!

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5 thoughts on “A glass of water, Please!

  1. Vijay

    Let me add one more tip:
    – Make it a habbit to drink 2 glasses of water just after you wake up. Its very easy to drink at that time coz your stomach is empty. And it has a lot of benefits, just google it. 🙂

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