Of my ‘Two’ sugar free years.

By | February 22, 2016

This post was long due. I’ve been out of action for a few months now and sadly this one just kept lingering as a draft. But this needs to be told. And so I am sitting on my laptop and pursuing this one 🙂

tea-coffee-sugar-no-sugar-choice-mugs-3-482-pAfter I lost around 20 kilos post motherhood, people keep asking me how did I do it. They often smirk back and say which diet did you follow? Did you stop having food altogether?

I think the word diet makes people feel good. “Oh! she dieted” sounds cathartic and provides some immediate relief to the soul 🙂

But the fact is I’ve never been on a diet (Sorry, if that hurt!). I only made a conscious effort of eating healthy. Yes, I did leave behind one thing – Sugar. And that is all.

Whenever you mention weight loss, people are eager to ask – “Okay, so what should I stop eating?” We are always ready to punish ourselves by striking off numerous items off our plates. I find it very hard to explain that food is meant to be eaten. You want to lose weight, so eat! And if you are still hell bent on letting go of something, then please leave sugar aside.

All these years, I had a sweet tooth. I longed for muffins and pastries. I never took tea or milk sans sugar. I used to feel happy and energetic eating it. I gorged on sweets throughout my pregnancy (no wonder, I gained 20 kilos :D). But post delivery, things changed. Quite a lot. Eventually I moved away from sweets and sugar. The change was natural and progressive.

It’s been more than two years now and I feel good about it when I look back. I am not making a judgement here. Sugar or no sugar is completely one’s own choice. But what I’ve experienced post this decision is sort of ‘great’. The key differences I noticed were:

1. I feel more energetic and active

Light is the word. Have you experienced sluggishness post a good dose of sugar? Now that I am on the other side, I do feel a difference.

2. I feel light and less bloated

3. It helps you maintain a steady weight loss

To put it clear, it helps you lose weight and maintain it for the longer run 🙂

I studied around this a bit and found that sugar doesn’t not supplement significant nutritional value. So if you really want to strike ‘off’ something then sugar be it. No change is easy and do not try to jump your gun. Go slow. If you take two teaspoons of sugar in a glass of milk, try reducing this. Or try substituting it with Jaggery. Try to substitute your cravings with the natural sugar found in fruits. Set a goal and work towards it each day. You’ll see things happening.

Oh yes, I found this quote that totally sums up how I feel today. Leaving behind for you guys to savour! 🙂


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