But Not A TimeKeeper!

By | January 23, 2015

In our lives today almost everything we carry, reminds us of what time of the day it is. Isn’t it?


Scan your surroundings as you read this blog. How many sources of time can you spot? I am sure atleast one. Thanks to our ever increasing habit of carrying our gadgets along! 🙂 Every device now has an in built clock. All they do is remind us of the coordinates of time. From our wrist watches, wall clocks, Ipads, Ipods, laptops, cell phones to even a TV. Could you imagine not wearing your watch? A phone without a clock?

To introspect, I have never realized the passage of time when I really enjoyed a moment, or been completely into it. On a holiday, I just lose the track of what day/ date is it. It’s a great feeling, Believe me! I don’t/won’t look at my watch, constantly, to see what time is it, while I am on a beach. So we say, “time flies” on a holiday 🙂

This made me ponder – Why are we so managed by time? Why are we the TimeKeepers today?
imgresRecently, I read a book – The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom. This books talks about a “Father Time”, who is punished for sharing the concept of time with humanity. He can only redeem himself by teaching the true meaning of time to a suicidal young woman and a wealthy older man who seeks to freeze himself until a cure for his cancer can be found.

In the book, humanity, before the discovery by Father Time, used to gauge the events of the day itself. People used to understand it by merely observing the nature. The intensity of the sun rays could help them decide if its morning or noon. Or the distinct chirping of birds to calculate how soon the sun would come up?
How many of us would be able to carry out a sane day without ant time machines around? I am sure we’ll goof up. We have always been taught to look at a clock to know the time. This is how we are tuned to fetch this information. So naturally, no other means comes to our rescue!

We have been told that time is very precious! We would lose time by not keeping a track of it!!

Indeed. Since our childhood, our parents have made all the efforts to make us understand that “time is very precious”. We all should urge towards utilizing it judiciously. But the wisdom that I have gained so far tells me to modify this to – “Quality time is precious”. It is important to be in the moment, to live it! What is the use of a family time when you are constantly answering your phone?
I am not, in any case, encouraging procrastination or laziness in the name of “being aware of the moment” philosophy! Our body and this nature have their own clocks to guide us well through the day. We seldom listen to them! We have shadowed them with all the fancy man made creations to capture time.
BUT as you stop dodging time, the day seems easy. You are relaxed and fully aware of the moment. Sometimes even the day seems long!

But Not A TimeKeeper!
It is essential that we stop behaving as programmed robots.
To start with, let’s try to reduce the dependency we have on these time machines. Some quick tips that can come handy :
1. Let go of your deary wrist watch, to begin with :). I find wristwatches the most profound reminders of time.
2. Do not look at the clock to know what time of the day it is, always! Look outside, see and feel what time it must be.
3. Whenever doing something important or one that you love, turn away the clocks. Be in that moment to enjoy what you do.
4. Once a while, experiment by removing all the clocks at your home. Live that one day without being managed by time. I am sure you would have loads to share then!

And lastly, its important to be busy “Living Life” than adjusting your coordinates and actions according to time!

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One thought on “But Not A TimeKeeper!

  1. Mukesh sharma

    It is really interesting and some time I too love that way. Not to be adjusted by time.


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