Get Off This Train Baby!

By | February 23, 2015

It was a bright sunny day. After days of continuous rain, Anvi was finally happy. Happy that she could go and meet her friends today. Could come out of the bore doom of being at home. And so she was eagerly waiting for the evening to arrive.
Hi Megha!, said the elated Anvi. Megha was kind of the unsaid leader of their gang.

Hi Anvi! replied Megha with equal delight of meeting her after days.

So what do we do today? Asked Anvi.

Dog in the bon .. hide and seek .. red light.. The whole group almost turned into a fish market! Then finally a voice rose and said guys, lets play dog in the bon. Alright Megha, said others and dispersed in a whiff.

Anvi wasn’t so pleased. She wanted to play dodgeball. Like it always is! Megha says and its end of the discussion. She murmured and got swayed away into the group.

It turned almost dark and Anvi realised that her mother would now be already waiting for her at home. She started bidding good bye to all her friends and made a move.

Hungry Anvi? I have already made some good food for you! Go change your clothes first.

Anvi was more than happy to get rewarded with good food on coming late. She quickly obliged and sneaked into her room to change.

So how was your day Anvi? Are you happy finally that you met your friends?

Ya Mom! I am .

You don’t seem to be that convincing. What’s going on in your mind?

Actually mum, I told you about Megha na?  We always end up playing what Megha decides. No one says anything and we all agree. Sometimes I don’t feel like playing that game but have to, as everyone agrees.

Okay, so why don’t you tell them that you want to play a different game?

Umm.. I know no one would listen to me. Megha is our leader.

That’s okay Anvi. I am not saying that you revolt against her . You can simply put forward what you feel. You can say  what you feel. They are your friends after all. People can help you only if you share your thoughts.

Oh mom, I know.. now don’t start preaching me! I am tired already.

And she slipped into watching TV .

At night, while sleeping, her mother’s words kept knocking her head. It wasn’t that her mom was making no sense to her. She just did not believe in her abilities to make a change. She did not imagine that Megha would, indeed, listen to what she says. That someday she would be able to influence the whole group with her.


Scratch Your Own Itch!

dog-scratchingYeah, we all have heard the phrase. But how many of us actually do? We all have problems. Problems in our lives, in our society, in this world! So what do we do? We sit at our dinner tables and discuss how bad things are around. Presume that world is going towards a disaster! And as soon as food finishes, a series of Only Ifs begin. Okay, so the your professional life sucks, BUT what are you doing about it?

Nothing ever worked for you? Then why crib, even that wont work for you 🙂

Only IF Syndrome..

Only if we had a good political structure. Only if we believed in Honesty . Only if people could understand my value. Only If!! And soon retreat to our rooms and sleep off for another day in this difficult world! Instead of living in negativity, start using “what ifs”. What if people believed in honestly? How can you make people believe in Honesty? By being honest yourself!

Caught in a Wrong Company??

cats-and-dogs-6Pray to god to save you the negativity of being surrounded by one cribbing soul! Once you sit with them your life seems all so wrong! You see hopeless ness everywhere. No way to escape from the impending havoc! And you sigh and get up dull and zapped. And the next moment you realize.. ah! damn.. why am I so dull? What’s wrong in my life?

That’s the influence of a cribber! 🙂

Straight Talk

Our problems can be as big as a national disaster or as harmless as that of  little Anvi. But to each, its a BIG problem. What I strongly believe is – its YOU who can can be your biggest help. The change starts with you. Stop cribbing like a loser. If you find something that troubles you, only you can correct it.

If something irritates you so much, that you care to spend your energies discussing about it, why not take some action? Why not heal yourself with some efforts?

Still, if you don’t think you have the ability/energy to bring in a change, stop being a Lame Cribber! Spare this world and people around you the taxing job of listening to your endless list of what’s so wrong and Only If’s. Start living with it.. you Bewailing Soul!

Issued in public Interest:

 Beware of the cribbers. They’re on the one-way road, and it goes down! As soon as you spot one.. Get off this train baby! 🙂


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  1. Ashish Tulsian

    Bang on!
    Loved the line “Beware of the cribbers. They’re on the one-way road, and it goes down!”


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