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By | September 10, 2013

Preparations are all over the place for the “hyped” CWG 2010. Delhi-ites beared it all through. Long jams, traffic woes, constructions to inflation.. all for this “noble cause”. Barely 50 odd days before this grand event we hear the music of corruption at every level. All Newspapers, news channels are playing it loud! Now, it pains us hard.

Then I heard this comment : “As Indians, corruption is our second nature“. This made me wear my thinking hat. Is it the “Indian ness” really? I beg to dis agree.

I connote it as human attribute. An Indian is not equivalent to a corrupted individual and vice versa. We can find a lot of honest people who are Indians and many corrupted foreign nationals too. Calling it an Indian attribute is mere ignorance.

We, are the educated Indians. Didn’t we ever “bribe” to get our things done?  If your answer is NO then wait.. you are my Idol !

All over the news channels and our dinner tables, we loathe our politicians. They are at a place where they are answerable to the whole nation. So any misdeed gets full media coverage. And our misdeeds? The illegal construction you just got done in your house? That tampered electricity meter you use to avoid heavy bills? I am sure, each one of us must have had a hard time dealing with a government official. And in case you disagree, then you are one blessed soul! Rest of the unlucky souls know that passing some cash eases the pain. Since these things do not come out in public to the whole nation, we still remain the “educated” Indians.

The time of sitting and blaming our system is gone. The change will not be brought to us. “Each one, teach one” needs to be the mantra. Either next time wear your seat belt or pay your fine. But don’t push “some cash” in his pocket  for an easy escape.

If you see your whole house dirty, you wont sit back and let it get dirty further. Because it directly hurts you. Similarly you cannot sit back with the pretension that the whole ecosystem is dirty and nothing can be done about it. If cleaning it is a herculean task then the least you can do is not add to that pile of dirt.

Another interesting “feature” I see in individuals is the blatant ability to point a finger when you too are sailing in the same boat. You like to see people on time for a gathering? Great! please be on time, the next time. It is very important to deserve respect than to command it. Did we really respect that teacher in school who used to command cleanliness but was lousiest of the lot! Its out in open- we didn’t.

The point is, before you really think of  pointing a finger, check if you do it too. If you do, stop it now! And then either complain or do something constructive.

If you expect a change, let the change be you!

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6 thoughts on “Corrupted – U Me aur Hum

  1. Bipul

    Nice Post. But, I am little confused 🙁 Are we Indians corrupt or not? You begin by disagreeing to the proposition but then give a series of instances showing how corruption is so inherent in our daily conduct.


    1. Nancy Sharma Post author

      Hi Bipul,
      Yes,I begin by dis agreeing. And continue with my belief that this is a human attribute rather than our Indian-ness .
      I give away instances of how corruption has crept in our daily lives. Here “our” refers to us humans and not Indians:).

  2. Bipul

    Ok. I see your point.There is corruption everywhere. No doubt about that. But the question is where is it, in what form? How deep rooted it is? Where else in world ,except may be Pakistan and some African countries, do you see people so casually or even as a matter of fact accept bribery as a socially acceptable norm? And why the same Indians when they go abroad follow the rules to the ‘T’? So, what is it with corruption and living in India that it thrives here so much?

    1. Nancy Sharma Post author

      Bipul, Google/Self-Research would help you here.”US corruption statistics”/”corruption survey UK” to give a few search examples.
      Or a sneak peek at
      In case you are unable to locate resources let me know. I’ll forward some pdf(s) regarding corruption in UK construction industry and public corruption in United States.

      1. Nancy Sharma Post author

        You are free to express your thoughts and so Am I.
        In case you choose to dis agree its your prerogative.
        And does not alienate me from my school of thought.
        Which I am sure is different from yours.
        So I rest this thread here. 🙂
        Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Bipul

    Yes off course. That is the beauty of debating. Anyways, I must say you write well and have conviction in your thoughts and beliefs. It was nice conversation.

    Auf wiedersehen,


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