Have you “Dunnitt”? – Review

By | July 4, 2014

Recently I came across Dunnitt developed by my friend Balaji. I found the idea quite innovative and thought of doing a short review about the app.

Dunnitt : Create, Share, Manage activities” : The whole idea is to collaborate and share your “activities” with a group of people.

Few things that really got my attention are:

  • The main page is completely ajax/web 2.0. Thus it is not annoying to go to another page, reload and see the data.
  • The soft alerts that appear on the top page when I create/manage an activity.
  • The different kinds of activities you can share : Text Type , Question Type or Meetup activity.

I can see that its only at a pre-beta stage and so there are couple of hiccups. To enumerate a few:

  • The look and feel needs to be improved for sure.
  • One thing I was not pretty happy about was to see all the dunnitt contacts registered with the app to appear in auto suggestion box.  I would rather like that only my known contacts are suggested.

In the coming versions I would want to have Facebook integration. In today’s world of social networking when almost everyone exists on facebook/twitter, I would not want to create a new contact list for dunnitt looking at how many contacts I already have on the existing sites.

On a whole, I find this business concept quite unique.

So guys, have you dunnitt today ? 🙂

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