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5 Simple Tips to help you prepare for Weight Loss!

For a good reason, weight loss is called a “journey” Healthy weight loss is gradual and persists for long. From my experience anyone can loose weight. Yes, you read it right. The only pre requisite is determination. I read an inspiring quote a while back – “Weight Loss happens ONLY when you are determined and willing at the… Read More »

3 things that I refuse to teach my Daughter.

I was sitting besides my birdie in our room. I pulled back a portion of my hair and tied it with a pin. She smiled at me. Stood up, pulled the pin. The next minute she ushered me to put it in her hair. I smiled with joy. My child was already aping me. Another milestone. I gladly followed her directions. At… Read More »

Corrupted – U Me aur Hum

Preparations are all over the place for the “hyped” CWG 2010. Delhi-ites beared it all through. Long jams, traffic woes, constructions to inflation.. all for this “noble cause”. Barely 50 odd days before this grand event we hear the music of corruption at every level. All Newspapers, news channels are playing it loud! Now, it pains us hard. Then… Read More »

Have you “Dunnitt”? – Review

Recently I came across Dunnitt developed by my friend Balaji. I found the idea quite innovative and thought of doing a short review about the app. “Dunnitt : Create, Share, Manage activities” : The whole idea is to collaborate and share your “activities” with a group of people. Few things that really got my attention are: The main page… Read More »

Great Indian Developer Summit 2009

After the GIDS 2008 last year, me and one of my colleague at Xebia expressed our interest in attending Developer Summit this year.  Great Indian Developer Summit(GIDS) took place from 23-25 April 2009 at Bangalore , India. Our journey started with witnessing a huge chaos at the airport. Their systems had gone down so everything was haywire. We… Read More »

IPL Season-II — The Proteas version.

WASN’T IT SO? Guys flocking the Dare Devils T-shirt almost every where..Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI part of  every household..Dhoni and his Chennai Super Kings all over the TV ads. . Hrithik dancing with Mumbai Indians…Wasn’t  cricket in the air? That was IPL Season-I for you..