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By | October 6, 2014


After penning 29 posts, I got the opportunity to mark this 30 th post with some great news. Recently, I got interviewed by the Smart Indian Women folks.

Initially it made me nervous. Now when I look back and read what I said, I am glad it happened!

You can read the full excerpt of the interview where it was published. In case you are too lazy to hit the link, I have it reproduced it here as well!


Thanks for taking the time to chat with SIW. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog.     

I’d like to thank the SIW folks for giving me this opportunity!

I am a writer at heart. A software professional for living. A fitness lover and singer in the mean time!

This year, I gave birth to my daughter and donned the hat of a full time mother too!

I started my blog in 2009. It was just a medium to express my thoughts and opinions then. Eventually, I moved to my own domain. I believe there is always more to you than your job description. I decided to take a sabbatical to look after my baby and relish my love for writing!

What makes your blog so unique and why should people read it?          

 My blog is about life. I love to notice and write about small occurrences that make life what it is. I love to propagate the mantra – “Be busy Living Life!”

After being a mother myself, I started writing about the pinks and blues of motherhood too!

People who read my blog usually tell me how they end up feeling – “Oh! this happens with me too!”

Maybe that’s the USP!

How often do you blog?              

Post Motherhood, you have to really find time to blog. I’d say right now I can manage 2-3 posts a month. Along with some guests posts at Indian Moms Connect community.

What has been your most successful blog post to date and what was it about?

The most successful would be “”Being a Mother””. This blog is about the lessons I learnt from my experience of being a new mum.

You can read it here : http://thethinkinhat.com/2014/07/04/being-a-mother/

What do you find most challenging about blogging?     

Reaching out to the ‘right’ audience is the challenging part. You cant blog in isolation. Going out to the right channels is very necessary to improve the readership.

What are some of your favorite author blogs and why?               

There are so many!

I am always on a lookout for good reads.

What are your favorite books that you would recommend SIW family?               

I’d mention the books that left an impact on me. The TimeKeeper by Mitch Albom. I wrote a blog on this book – http://thethinkinhat.com/2013/08/24/but-not-a-timekeeper/

Loose your weight, Don’t loose your mind By Rujuta Diwekar. You can reach my bookshelf here for more recommendations – http://www.goodreads.com/nancy_s .

Can we really make a living by Blogging? If yes, how we can do that?

I don’t believe in running after money. I blog cause I love to write. If I start to get paid for that, great! But it’s not the motive behind my writing.

What advice would you give to young women readers of SIW who want to follow a similar career path as you?              

It takes a lot of time and effort. So be patient and keep going. Results will follow for sure! Who said chasing your dream is a cakewalk?


I would again like to thank the SIW team for knocking this opportunity at my door. Not to forget you people who’ve been reading my stuff so far! 🙂


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