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Birth “happy” day

As I draw close towards my own birthday, I feel the urge to question certain notions that are there since I’ve been born.. at least!! Its always called a “Happy” Birthday..I wonder why a birthday should always be happy? Why can’t it be just another regular day of your life.

Pawn on the chessboard

The one thing that leaves me miffed and baffled is the habit of reading one’s horoscope – every morning… daily! Picture this: A nice sunny morning..You are all set to start your day . And you pick up that paper lying on your breakfast table and quickly jump to your favorite page of horoscopes. You need to work hard today..… Read More »

Past your Past….

Should one revisit the past? Past is something you ve experienced..something which is over.. This question popped my head as I came across a book at a nearby book shop. “Cloud Nine Minus One” – Story of a happily married woman re-visiting her past .. 20 years later.. over a college alumni. My first reaction was ridiculous!! Whats the… Read More »