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Dear Mommies, create your own village!

There are so many aspects to raising a child that it practically requires many people around to fulfill it. Nutrition, health and safety, connecting with wildlife and nature, religious beliefs, physical growth and the list can be unending.What is important to realize here is that no one person “fits the bill”.

When we were the ‘uninvited guests’.

  If you have been following my posts, you must know how me and my Mr. work hard on being social. Over the weekend, one of my Mr’s colleague invited us to a small gathering on the arrival of his newborn. We were enthusiastic. High five-ed and said bring it on! Time to turn social. Yay!( We so love it.) So… Read More »

3 things I won’t concede as I turn 31.

I was thirty last year and today I am adding another year to it. Gosh! It’s thirty plus one! If I look back at my twenties, it was more about conforming to the standards my parents had laid or did expect us to adhere and achieve. I got married in mid-twenties and was conforming to another mould. So I was… Read More »

The big 5 for life in 2017!

It’s a brand new year. Yet again. Year after year. Resolution is a cliched word to use around this time of the year. It’s overly used and abused. So of course, I’ll stay clear. This post is not about my new year resolutions. With this post, I am trying to bring focus to the big 5 areas we… Read More »

Being an Introvert ain’t a bad thing!

All the growing up years, I wasn’t a party animal. Was never the one surrounded by people, always. Ironically, I was mostly found on stage. I liked to be in public space. Do my jig and eventually roll back into my zone. Both, the excess and lack of public space bothered me. It actually fatigued me mentally. As I… Read More »

My Style, Decoded!

“This post is my expression of style for the ‘A Style Of My Own’ blogger contest by Women’s Web and Trishla emart“ I am a mother and a fitness freak. Being a mum means, I still have to run around my lil one. In stilletos, flats or wedges! Whatever I choose 🙂 So my style goes a long way… Read More »

Get Off This Train Baby!

It was a bright sunny day. After days of continuous rain, Anvi was finally happy. Happy that she could go and meet her friends today. Could come out of the bore doom of being at home. And so she was eagerly waiting for the evening to arrive. Hi Megha!, said the elated Anvi. Megha was kind of the unsaid… Read More »

Dream On!

U know, sometimes I feel I am not made for a 9 to 6 job. I have something in me. I know I am made for better things.  I want to open my own fashion line! Everybody says I am bloody good at it! C’mon Priya! Not now. Can we  please finish grocery shopping first? We are already running late. Dheeraj,… Read More »

Empty Your Cups!

Ravi was a Marketing Manager for a company in Bengaluru. Though his association with the company had been long, he was still happy with his work. Looked forward to each day. People often used to say, “he has seen the company grow“. He was quite respected for his work, his commitment and dedication. Since was also one of… Read More »


“Gone are the days when “hurting’ meant hurting knees and NOT heart! Gone are the days when saying “See You” meant seeing your classmates tomorrow morning and NOT waiting for the entire life to get their one glimpse!”