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Same to Same!

You are all set for the evening. That favourite dress, stilletos.. and some make up is just perfect. You look at yourself, smile and leave. Lots of butterflies of excitement that awaits. You are eager and look forward to the reactions. As you enter, your smile suddenly refuses to keep up. This all so perfect evening is diluted as your… Read More »

Apple Jam..Pineapple Jam..Trrrrafic JAM??

If you are an introvert and generally afraid of the silence that creeps in while you are trying to hit a conversation – Please read on!! A very empathetic way of striking a conversation with anyone is to talk about their daily commute to work. If you listen the other person saying “Oh my god! its a hell..… Read More »

How much is Too much??

Lately, seeing my kid bro being sandwiched in the iit-jee phenomenon(just after class 10 boards!), I asked myself.. How much is actually too much?? And thus came this very post. I was amazed to see how this coaching concept has flourished in the market.”You are coached to clear the entrance test for coaching of IIT JEE entrance test!!”… Read More »

Pawn on the chessboard

The one thing that leaves me miffed and baffled is the habit of reading one’s horoscope – every morning… daily! Picture this: A nice sunny morning..You are all set to start your day . And you pick up that paper lying on your breakfast table and quickly jump to your favorite page of horoscopes. You need to work hard today..… Read More »