You Don’t need a Gym to get back to shape!

By | June 18, 2015

Let me start by breaking a myth today.

Oh! don’t look aghast. It’s true 🙂 Post delivery, I lost 20 kilos without stepping in a gym. As a new mother, you don’t have the luxury of defining your own timetable. Things work only according to the baby. So I stayed home and worked out. I did not use any machine, not even a treadmill. And today I am 20 kilos lighter. So stay with me to know more!

Let us first try to figure out first why people opt for a gym. The top three reasons could be

1. Discipline and Regularity (After paying a handsome amount, you better be regular right?) 🙂

2. Accessibility to the mean machines aka physical activity.

3. Access to trainers. (aka outsource your weight loss) 🙂

While the first point remains the most difficult one to deal with, rest can be easily substituted. I am always an advocate of simplifying things. And weight loss is one of the thing that needs some simplification!

The main reason for getting fat is less activity and more food intake. So to get back to shape we have to increase the level of activities we do. So if we replicate the same rigorous activity at home, we should achieve our goal of getting back fit, right?

And when I talk of mothers, they simply can’t step out. We have so much on our shoulders that we keep pushing our things for later. So what all can you do at home?

Keep calm, the list follows on 🙂

1. Dance with ankle weights.

Dancing is the most stress busting activity you can do. But sometimes our body becomes “used to” a certain level of activity. So now know why all choreographers are not slim and fit. You should always try to challenge your body. This is the trick to shed those kilos. So add some ankle weights to your regular dancing sessions and see the difference. You can include your kids in this. Play the songs that they like and let the fun begin!


It stands for high intensity interval training. HIIT is very effective when it comes to weight loss. The idea behind this form is to challenge your body with the intervals of high intensity cardio. You can try these  beginner level HIIT workouts at home.

3. Running

My daughter loves to run out but she is just 1.5 yrs. So I can’t let her be running on her own with me. The other substitute that works well for us is carrying her and running all the way. I get to some weights while I am running.

4. Skipping Rope

This is one thing you should always have at your home. Costs very less and is way too beneficial for overall fitness. There are various forms in which you can use a skipping rope. It is a great total body exercise.
5. Zumba

Zumba is the latest buzz word. You can find a lot of videos online that give free zumba sessions. You need to ensure a good internet connection at home and that is it!

6. Go out and play!

Kids are fireballs of energy. If you really stick to their pace for a day, you’ll be exhausted by night. Who needs a gym then? Let’s not outsource our playtime with our kids to others. Make sure that you have one activity in a day that you do together as a family. Or atleast one parent is involved. Let go of your inhibitions and let the child in you be out in open!

7. Kettle Bell/Dumbbell Workout

A normal squat can be way more effective if you add weights to it. They also help in challenging the body by changing the normal course of your workout.

So which one are you going to try? Do let me know in the comments below!


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9 thoughts on “You Don’t need a Gym to get back to shape!

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  2. Swapna

    Thanks a lot Nancy, great work and very inspiring. I am going to try the HIIT workouts.

    1. nancy Post author

      Thanks for appreciating Swapna! I wish you all the luck with HIIT routines. Go for it!


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