My Style, Decoded!

By | March 10, 2017

“This post is my expression of style for the ‘A Style Of My Own’ blogger contest by Women’s Web and Trishla emart

924e0c8272d688eb2dab166300dcbf62I am a mother and a fitness freak. Being a mum means, I still have to run around my lil one. In stilletos, flats or wedges! Whatever I choose 🙂

So my style goes a long way with comfort. If you have kids, you will know what it means to be ready in like 5 mins 🙂

But hold on before you picture me as  weary eyed, messy hair rolled up in a bun kind of a female. I love to keep my style effortless and yet chic! Read my tips on being classy and sassy, effortlessly. (Ah! and it rhymes too :))

I find it difficult sometime to make people understand these two jewels of great style. Let me coax you guys and bit, too!

1. Fit/Toned You : A fit and toned body is a huge asset when it comes to style. You don’t need chic clothes to make you look glamorous. Any well fitted garment can add sparks to your style. The freedom to experiment and wear different kinds is liberating!

2. Healthy Skin : I have never been a huge fan of make up. A clean and healthy skin is the best make up. I hate concealers or foundations. They make you hide your problem areas for a while. But cause you a bigger harm in the long run. Eat healthy and take good care of your skin.

Okay, after my gyaan, let me put forth some tips about my style too !


1. Mind and Mend your shoes!

I generally rate the fashionista in the person by having a look at his/her shoes. Believe me when I say that a pair of shoe can make or break your fashion statement. People generally forget to give it the due attention. You can glam up a simple tee and jeans look with a smart pair of shoes. Its like a litmus test of style! 🙂

2. A good lip color can really doll you up!

A lipstick is the only thing I use in the name of make up. A good shade and texture can accentuate your look. Invest in a good brand that gives you a stay of about 5-6 hours. A lip color that doesn’t stay after a meal turns me off. I swear by MAC range of Matte lip colors. Give a thought on when to choose a matte or a gloss lip shade. I prefer a matte, any day! 🙂

3. Less is More.

I prefer to under dress than overdress for an occasion. Whenever in doubt, tone it down! 🙂 It is very important to be happy and confident about how you look. It really comes out to others, quite easily!

4. Love colors. They will love you back.

We all want our lives to be colorful. Then why not our clothes? Don’t shy away from experimenting with colors.

5. Know your bodyimages (1).

Each one of us have our own limitations. Be it a short body, heavier butt, bigger bust etc. The only way to overcome your limitations is to be aware about them. Dress according to your limitations. It is important to wear clothes that flatter  your body type. If you have tummy or love handles, please spare yourself and the world from wearing a skinny top.  🙂


That’s a wrap on my style dairies.

Wait, what does style mean to you? Do leave your comments below.

Leaving you guys with this lovely thought. 🙂



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