Why I would prefer a Vaginal Delivery again!

By | February 9, 2015

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The day I got to know about my pregnancy, I was more worried than happy. No, I wanted the baby. But I was scared to death by the thought of delivery. All my life I have seen or imagined delivery as a painful and horrifying process. I was scared. Like real scared!

I told myself to relax. Its still some months to go. I’d rather be in the moment and focus on my baby. As any other soon to be parents, we joined pre natal sessions on pregnancy and child birth (I use to really love the food they served at the sessions, btw :D)

It was the day of our session on child birth and delivery. I was dizzy and unwell by the time the session got over. So, this was the impact of child birth stories on me. 🙂

The moment arrived. I had a normal vaginal delivery sans any epidural. As natural as it could be!

Yes, I had the torturous and excruciating 5 hours of my life. Yet, I would love to have a vaginal delivery the next time, too.

Why? Read on to know more!

1. I brought my baby into this world. Quite literally!

I remember the last push that brought my baby into this world! The first cry that marked her official entry. I saw her wrapped in blood as she came out of me. And I thought, Oh! I really had a child inside 😀

And of course, I can exchange this dialogue with my kid “Maine tumhe paida kia hai” (aka I’ve given you birth!)

2. I fondly and clearly remember the events of my child’s birth.

Me and my husband were together through out the labor. I could see the love he had for me in his eyes while I was battling the labor pain. I could see his eagerness to meet his child. And it encouraged me to go on. It was for getting our baby into the world, after all. We held together as each pain challenged us. I was hugging a gym ball and he rubbing my back.

I remember how a simple bedroom changed into a labor room as the delivery approached. The push that finally made us see our child. Next, I delivered Placenta and felt a gratitude towards it. For having served as the source of nutrients to my baby. For connecting me and my baby even before the birth!

While I did this delivery stuff, my lil one was getting ready to join me. I saw her dressing up in her first set of clothes. Calling up our parents and sharing the first look of their grand child.

I remember and cherish all the firsts! 🙂

3. We walked out of the labor room together!

We went into the labor room as an anxious couple and came out as happy parents! Isn’t that great? Yes, I was awake and part of this transition.

4. I was mobile within 2 hours of delivery.

The side effects of delivery were a parched throat, a tired body.( After 5 hours of yelling and labor, that is! :D)  Menstrual blood and some pain in abdomen. That is it. I was on my feet barely two hours after delivery. My mum joked, you should look like you’ve had a delivery. Stay in your bed 😀

Some mothers fear the bruises and stitches after a vaginal birth. Let me tell you that these cuts and bruises are minor compared to any surgery. They tend to heal quickly too.

Okay. So this was my story!

There are various well established researches and studies that talk about benefits of a vaginal delivery. For both the mother and the child. I’ve listed a few here :

1. A healthy and Immune baby.

Babies travel through the birth canal in a vaginal delivery. As they pass through it, they tend to pick up a protective bacteria that they ingest. This bacteria colonizes in their intestines and forms a balanced immune system as they develop from childhood into adulthood. It is also suggested that babies born with c-sec don’t get enough microbes.

2. Easier to do Skin to Skin after Birth

After a vaginal delivery, a mother can benefit the new born with an immediate skin to skin contact. After a cesarean, mother takes some time to recover from the surgery. At these times immediate skin to skin can’t be given to the baby.

3. No Surgery or Scars.

C-sec is a major abdominal surgery. With some extra stress on the word major! It is not a way to escape labor pain. You can ask for an epidural to do that. It is important to understand this difference in making a choice. There are conditions that make a C-section necessary. But in other situations it is important to make an informative decision.

3. Faster recovery.

I can vouch for it!

Remember, the choice you make for your child’s birth also affects his/her health. So it is important to make an informed decision. Talk to your care giver or gynecologist and explore all your possibilities. Is it also important to ask for the cesarean rate before opting for your maternity care provider.

How was your birthing experience? I would love to hear your stories! If you are expecting, I wish you happy memories of your child’s birth 🙂


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13 thoughts on “Why I would prefer a Vaginal Delivery again!

  1. Abhishek Bhartia

    Congratulations for your normal delivery. Your blog is beautifully written and inspiring. I hope many women who are pregnant will be able to read it and draw courage and inspiration for being able to deliver their own babies!

    Where did you deliver? Would love to know even more about your experience!

    1. nancy Post author

      Thanks Mr Abhishek Bhartia. You will be glad to know that I delivered at Sitaram Bhartia under Mrs Renu Misra. Had a great experience!

  2. RIG

    Hey there! Congrats on your baby!!! 🙂 I had a C-sec because the placenta was low. But I think, even without that it would have been pretty tough for me for a normal delivery. Or so I think. I might not know.

    But, I have a healthy happy child and hence, no qualms.

    Nicely written piece.

    1. nancy Post author

      Hey RIG! Thanks for reading! A mother always intents the best for her baby! And that is what really matters 🙂

  3. Kalpana

    Fabulous post Nancy. I delivered all my three children normally, with the same fear of pain as you but I managed it and was on top of the world for the same reasons as you. Congratulations.

    1. nancy Post author

      Thanks Kalpana. Three children with natural child birth each time! You are surely an inspiration for me! 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by!

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  5. Pravesh Kumar

    How beautifully you’ve shared your experience through this motivational story.
    Well I am also the father of 2 sweet kids and my wife also experienced normal delivery both the times.
    But you are really inspiration for those who fear from normal delivery’s pain and unwillingly opt surgical delivery.

    Seriously Hats Off!!

    1. nancy Post author

      Thanks for appreciating Pravesh. You wife had two normal deliveries. A huge inspiration is sitting right next to you! 🙂

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