What do women want?

By | February 17, 2015

imageFrom times immemorial, we women have been butt of a lot of jokes.

What women want, even Einstein cannot discover!

Every time I feel puzzled. Are we so complex that whole universe is trying to find an answer? I bet not.

“We are simplest of all dude! Why is it a herculean task for you to understand us?” I feel like asking!

So what does a women want? Let me try to put it straight in these three points.

1. She wants to be loved.

All she needs from you is love. From her husband, children, family. She earns enough to pamper herself with gifts. What she needs from you is love and acceptance. Before marriage, parents are love of her life. Post marriage, this love extends to her husband and his family. Later on to her children. So much so that no love is left for her own self. She actually forgets to love herself. She expects this from all those whom she has loved all her life.

2. She wants to be heard.

At times she needs no opinions, judgements or advices. She just needs a pair of ear to hear her out.  A shoulder to rest at and talk about her frustrations and dissapointments.

3. She wants to be treated equal.

Today she earns enough to cater to her own needs. She does not need a partner to  support her financially. She works as hard as you. Be it home or her workplace. Maybe lil more than you. She comes back from work and takes care of you and your family. So treat her equal. She gives birth to humanity. She can do everything that you can as a guy. And no she doesn’t want laurels and applauds in return. She just wants equality.

Are you still staring in dis belief! 😀  Yes, its this simple!

Did I miss a point? I would love to hear back what you think!



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4 thoughts on “What do women want?

  1. jhonmelvin2011

    Nice one indeed. There is a great book named as “men are from mars and women from Venus ( forgot the author’s name) providing a detailed view of men-women relationships especially as a family. A good one to read and understand. Keep writing and all the best.

  2. nancy Post author

    Hey Jhon, thanks for mentioning the book! I have it on my shelf since sometime. I ll pick it up now I guess 🙂 keep visiting!


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