Weight Loss : Keep it Simple, Silly!

By | September 26, 2014

WEIGHT LOSS – Overrated, over hyped and over advised subject.


Oh! So, you decide to finally shed those pounds. What’s next? Expensive gym memberships. Diets. Protein shakes. Abstinence from your favorite food. The list is longer than this.

For those who are wondering, why is she talking about it anyway!?

I’d always been on the healthy side. My love for fitness developed two years back, when I was so done with the chubby me. Then, I began my first ever weight loss journey. I am a foodie. Keeping the things I love ‘off’ my plate was not my cup of tea. I decided not to diet. I believe, to sustain your fitness, you should eat the way you would eat a year from now. Eventually, I dropped 7 kilos in 6 months. I was amazed to discover the skinny and toned me. So were others, too! 🙂

The second journey started after I delivered my baby. Blame it on the pregnancy cravings and mood swings. I gained weight, again. I am already off 12 kilos in 6 months this time and a few more to go. So yes, I can speak on this subject.

Now coming to the point. I meet a lot of people who want to loose weight. They baulk at the thought of gym memberships, lack of time, in ability to “diet”. Some are plain lazy!(grrr!)

Weight loss is portrayed as a cruel, painstaking, harsh journey. You embark on this trip. Have some difficult months of imposed abstinence and “healthy food”. Manage to shed some kilos. And aha! The color is back and the plates are full again!(duh!)

In my opinion(not so humble, though!) this is farce. Who ever gives you this picture is misleading. I would suggest you guys pick up this book. To begin with, the book will break away the stereotypes associated with weight loss and dieting.

Weight loss is a simple, disciplined lifestyle change. The changes you introduce stay for a long time. There are no phases of being fit and unfit. Fitness should be sustained. Only then it is for “real”.

Sadly, most of us believe lean and fit are synonymous. Its true that all of us would love to have a toned and shaped body. But this is not the ONLY parameter of fitness. Before you achieve your perfect figure, your body will show you signs in different other ways. Better posture. Flexibility. Greater range of motion. Improved balance and endurance. Look for these signs and appreciate. Else in the run for a great body in a short time, you’ll end up in disbelief and frustration.

Okay, enough preaching! Here’s the meat. If you want to loose weight and sustain, the tips are right here.

1. Eat more and Eat right.

Yeah! Eat more to loose. Sounds fun, right? Wait till you read my next post. A number of people go wrong here. To catch your attention may I say, I never dieted to loose weight? Hold on, let me add more zing to it. I relished my paranthas in breakfast too!

Enough to make you guys wondering 🙂 Stay connected to know more about this “Eat more and Eat right” concept.

2. Challenge your body.

Our body is super clever. Day one, start with twenty push ups. You’ll be sore the first few days. By the tenth day, your body would be comfortable to take this stress. You need to keep your body guessing by changing your workouts and intensity.

3. Choose a workout that you enjoy.

You can’t sustain things you don’t enjoy. Simple! And yes, you need to work out. No pain, no Gain 🙂

4. Variety is the key.

Its very easy to get bored with running treadmill each day. Or lifting weights. So try different forms. Pilates, cardio, strength training and many more.

5 . Patience, Discipline and Commitment yield results.

You can get thousand different excuses for not working out today. Remember, you need no excuse to do the right thing!

6. Hydration.

I wrote this post a while ago. This should coax you into believing the power of water.


A lot is yet to be told. So, I’ll save the details and how to’s for the next post.

Till then, keep telling yourself –

Healthy Weight loss does happen!

and,  Keep it Simple, Silly 😀

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