Monthly Archives: September 2014

Weight Loss : Keep it Simple, Silly!

WEIGHT LOSS – Overrated, over hyped and over advised subject. Oh! So, you decide to finally shed those pounds. What’s next? Expensive gym memberships. Diets. Protein shakes. Abstinence from your favorite food. The list is longer than this. For those who are wondering, why is she talking about it anyway!? I’d always been on the healthy side. My love for fitness developed two years… Read More »

Pumping Moms – Breast Pumps

Welcome to the next instalment in the pumping Moms series. Incase you missed the earlier one, read here. So once you decide to be a pumping mother, how to go about it? Once you decide to pump and feed you would need the following equipments in place : 1. A breast pump. 2.  Storage containers. 3. Bottles 4. Sterilizer 5.… Read More »

7 Signs You’re a Mother!

A Mother is born when a baby comes into this world. So yeah, you’re  a mother when you have a baby! But there are moments when you smile at what you just did. And say – cause I am a mother ! So what are those “signs” that remind you being a mother? Read on. 1. Your clothes disclose… Read More »