Ice Ice Baby!

By | August 26, 2014

als-ice-bucket-challengeFrom making headlines in the newspapers, trending on twitter.. the news slowly crept onto my facebook wall! And I thought – Gosh! Its approaching! The famous #IceBucketChallenge.

I have love hate relationship with this, so far. I love the expressions that people give when the ice water splashes and numbs them. But I hate the water that is wasted away.

But we aren’t wasting gallons of water. Its just a mug full..(though actually a bucket full!).

Look at the tweets for this challenge. Its annoying to see the level  this has reached. At this college, 556 students took the challenge! (Grrrrrrr!). Now your mug full multiplied by 556 ‘IS’ an amount to be worried about. I hope each one did donate some amount to support their story!

Oh! Don’t be so wise dear! We should then wash out utensils by burnt coal like the ancient times?!

I say, Thank God! You still get enough water to wash away your utensils. Remember the days when your taps go dry? And you curse the water supply? As if you are entitled for water always!

Alright! So lets stop playing Holi in the name of conserving water then? Or stop watering our plants or washing our cars?

Read this and you will understand that soon we would have a situation when Holi would only mean colors(maybe not enough water to even wash them away! 🙂 ). No water to clean your cars. Maybe just dusting away with a cloth! The more you waste now the closer we are inching !


I know,we are still away from using water judiciously.  I don’t want to rant pieces of wisdom here. But please don’t use this as an excuse to let the water drain away in the name of a challenge.

Im not critical of this challenge, in case you thought so! I love the idea of raising money and awareness for this critical disease that many of us are un aware. Out and out a brilliant thought. But guys, the reason behind all this is to raise money. So why dont you just donate?

I know featuring yourself into #ALSIceBucket video is way cool! Please make your videos still. Donate and nominate your near ones to do so. Do your jig and be happy at the views it garners.

If you are get 24 hours supply of water you are one lucky soul! Cause the picture is a little grim. I suggest you to read this piece of news. This will help you see where we are heading!

And to remind many.. throwing ice cold water on you is NOT for a good cause. Donating money IS for a good cause.

P.S. All you generous souls who took the challenge to raise awareness, there is another one for you. The Rice bucket challenge. No fancy stuff.

#SaveWater #SensePrevails

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