Oops! You are not the salesman!

By | July 25, 2014

oopsSuper Market, a wife busy buying groceries.

Looks around for tea leaves but cannot spot. Turns around and looks at a man standing few steps apart and blurts -“Bhaiya, tea leaves kahan hain? (Where are the tea leaves kept?)”  The man stares and says “I don’t know and disappears in a jiffy!”

Mall, enthusiastic girl looking for clothes.

From the pile she is carrying, she decides upon one. Looks around for help. The decent looking man standing near the counter is her hope. She asks, “excuse me, do you have the size in this piece?” The man wondering if she is talking to her, leaves, smiling and without saying a word!


I am the enthusiastic girl and busy wife goofing it up. Over and over again! 🙂

Every time I do it, I feel like Damn! Again?! I know I should be careful but rarely does a guy smile and say you ‘re mistaken. Some reactions make me want to eat up my words and undo the situation!

So mistaking someone to be a salesman is a BIGG Deal! To all my readers who actually are the salesman, life is beautiful still! 🙂

So what happens when you goof up and put forth the question before the guy standing next to you? Read on the “top five reactions” list I’ve prepared :

1. The angry young man look.

This man looks at you in utter disgust. Like you just stepped out of stinking pond! And when the rage subsides “what do you think of yourself girl?” look lingers on his face.

2. The chivalrous man look.

This man smiles and looks around for “the” sales man and asks him to provide me with the stuff I am looking. An ultimate delight in this situation and a rare sight too! 🙂

3. The “I cannot believe you mistook me as salesman” look.

Here the guy is caught between anger and remorse. His bigger problem is do I “really” look like one? 🙂

4.  “I ignore you” look.

This is one hilarious reaction. As soon as you blurt the infamous “Where is it?”, the guy doesn’t even turn to acknowledge the reception of your words! Fierce emotions wrapped in a stoic calm!

5. Crushed self confidence look.

And you go like “Duh!! Why did I!”

I always wonder if this happens to you too ?  What has been your favorite reaction so far? Or have you been at the receiving end? 😀

I would love to hear your experience!


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8 thoughts on “Oops! You are not the salesman!

  1. kalpanaa

    Hahaha – It’s always mortifying when this happens. Have you mistaken diners at a restaurant for waiters? Because they wore black and white? That really gets people

    1. nancy Post author

      Haha! I m glad I haven’t witnessed this as yet! Thanks for reading Kalpanaa..

  2. Sagar Agarwal

    This has happened with me Twice. Once a lady asked me, “Where do i get these groceries” and I said, “What? Oh yea that, over there” but before she could think that am a salesman in the store i uttered, “Ah, and Aunty am not a salesman, am here to shop with my Mom” and the next time was when i was again with my Mom in a dress store and a girl asked, “Do you have any more colors for this shirt and sizes for this jeans?” to which i smiled and said, “You should ask the girl out there”.

    Fabulously written…

    1. nancy Post author

      That’s funny Sagar! So you are the perfect person to relate to this post! Im glad you liked it.
      Thanks for reading 🙂

      1. Sagar Agarwal

        Absolutely! A thumbs up for the post and thumbs up for your blog too!! This is One of the best blogs among the ones that I have read!


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