Monthly Archives: July 2014

Oops! You are not the salesman!

Super Market, a wife busy buying groceries. Looks around for tea leaves but cannot spot. Turns around and looks at a man standing few steps apart and blurts -“Bhaiya, tea leaves kahan hain? (Where are the tea leaves kept?)”  The man stares and says “I don’t know and disappears in a jiffy!”

I am not a toy, I am a girl.

Another rape, another girl, another beast, another new story making headlines. But this time the another girl is not even a girl. She is a tiny 6 year old! The times when Rape is the biggest challenge to Indian society, how would you explain the psychology of raping a 6 year old? I am a mother to a tiny… Read More »

Being A Mother..

Getting to know that a life is nurturing inside has been “a” feeling . All those 9 months of morning sickness, penguin walk, frequent rest room trips look worth while as you hold the little one for the first time. When I held my daughter, as soon as she came to being, I did not know how to… Read More »