Painted – By Choice!

By | August 6, 2014

Painted - By ChoiceYesterday, one of the comments from the most educated families of India appalled me. The man in spotlight accused the protesting women to be “dented and painted” and thus “unfit” for calling on this protest. How insanely can you make it stand against the credibility of women?

What baffled me was the blatant picture he showed of our society. If a person of such an educated and esteemed background carries this pervert thinking, leave aside the uneducated class!

But my bigger question is – “what’s wrong with a painted women“?

Is it bad to look pretty? I love to dress and so do millions of other females. Let me put the fact straight – Its okay to love yourself! Its normal to feel good about oneself. And if putting on make up or dressing up gives us that smile and confidence, what’s your business in it anyway? If you find it silly then I feel sorry for you. Would you ever stop your mother from putting on a lipstick?  Or Shout away a lewd remark if your sister dresses up?

If a lady walks in office in a formal skirt and her make up on, she is inviting cross talks. Some may even term her incompetent to work on the core issues. But in a similar fashion if guy walks in his shorts to work, oh he soo cool!  If a guy picks up his glass at a party, that is his societal freedom. But if a lady gets her glass, that raises eye brows and bunch of remarks on her character.

Women in the item numbers is com modification, but John Abraham’s butt exposure is all in good taste!

I am not trying to put a men vs women case. But let this hypocrisy die. The man doesn’t need to tell the lady anymore what to wear, how not to behave n all.

All this while in our society we’ve been letting the girl know her boundaries. But now  we need a  role reversal. Its time to educate the boys of our families about what is acceptable and what is not.  How to respect women cannot be taught in schools and colleges. These are the essential family values to be imbibed by responsible parents.

Its time to stop telling girls to not step out late at night. Rather, tell your boys to stop staring at them! 

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7 thoughts on “Painted – By Choice!

  1. Paritosh

    I think he was misinterpreted.

    I agree with your thoughts and with all the thoughts raised against this statement by all the women.

    However, English being a highly context sensitive language, sometimes, some words are meant to say something different than what their literal meaning is e.g. This song is “killing” me ( here killing is not going to kill someone ).

    Similarly, some words when put together completely change their meaning, See Collocations.

    Both of these apply for “dented and painted” here. I think, what actually he meant was the fake activists who were doing it just for an adrenaline rush or vested interests, and he might not be completely wrong.

    I think he paid for the faults English language has. But, in the end, it was his mistake, he should have used better words :).

    1. Nancy Post author

      Good to hear your point of view! 🙂
      However the major intent of this write up was to take well groomed(“painted”) females with all due seriousness in different walks of life. You can’t make her beauty stand against her.
      Thanks for reading and sharing what you feel. 🙂


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