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By | July 6, 2014

In the beginning, I was wary of being on facebook. But then people thought, I was missing the civilization!
Well, yes actually. All the action happens here. So much so, when we meet somebody for the first time, we do ask – “Are u on facebook?” This medium has, by far, become the easiest mode of communication. Rather, maintaining relations.
The way I see it, a telephone as an invention, made us vocal with our expressions. However, Facebook has made us textual.

You write on the walls.. you send messages. So all you do is write. This has made people more open to writing often. After telephones came in, the mode of writing letters was way hard to find. And here came facebook, bringing us that back, in a 21 st century package!

Mind your Language!
You would have never thought you’d regret sleeping in your literature classes back in school! Sending a friend request to your girl and writing – “I want make Frands with you”!
You shall not only be unfriended in a fraction of a second but also “BLOCKED”.
This is a flip side of it being a social platform. If you are bad at writing “sensible” English.. the whole world would come to know of it!

Its Raining Photos..
How important were your pictures earlier? I mean with camera enabled mobile phones, clicking a picture became easy. You started clicking urself more often and almost everywhere! But, even after clicking pictures, where did you use them? Your cell phones’ wall paper? Your desktop/laptops’ screen saver?
With Facebook, the photographs have got a complete new dimension. A whole new importance. Amidst all the random clicks.. all you desperately want is a “good profile pic”! While clicking a picture, you often hear a voice.. umm..mmm… one for my facebook pleease!! 🙂 No wonder.. Instagrams are born!

The pictures are no longer suffocated in your hard cover albums, which get to see the light once in a blue moon. Its all over the web.. for everyone to see. Did we ever thought that reaching out to soo many people would be soo easy? Its like you’ve been given a stage to perform, packed with audience. You just need to keep your best foot forward and enjoy the accolades that follow.

You just came back from a trip? Awesome, now atleast you can enjoy a full week of attention amongst your facebookers! You have that same profile pic on for the past six months. Viola! its a CRIME!!

Did you LIKE it?
A post like “I am soo happy today! ” are like the mystery bombers on FB. Its simple actually. Hide the WHY. Leave that to interpretation/imagination.
I am soo happy today! The morning feels rosy ! In the facebook lingo, they will get huge number of likes..
On the contrary, A person saying a sad good bye .. also gets number of likes . Is it that you really “Like” his departure??<PUZZLED!!>

After liking almost all the posts coming up on your wall, you come across something that you really like! I mean .. sacchi wala like 😛
So here come two new additions to your facebook dictionary – “Super Like” .. and “Super Duper Like”!!

The liking algorithm is a bit intricate. So it goes like this – A bare minimal presence on any post can be achieved via a LIKE. They are usually meant for your “not so friendly.. yet on FB friends list” people. If you “really” like something please get in touch with super like. If it still doesn’t satiate you liking appetite.. the last in the lot we have is super duper like. Facebook always wanted to see the world as one small place where there is only love and harmony.. that it did not create an option to dislike! That is something we do in huge quantity in our “real” life. 😀

Its Complicated!
Its actually complicated to understand! 🙂
I still need to sit and understand how useful this piece of information can be for others? Facebook has made us way too open. We are comfortable sharing what are we doing? Where are we right now..Who are we with? So not updating you relationship status is a faux passe! even if the status is a bit complicated!


1. Like is the subset of comment. Let me help you understand. If you do not want to comment but still would want to mark your presence.. Hit

2. Facebook is like your social footprint. In a market place, its like your own portfolio. So it ought to be good! 😛
If you post something on your wall, even a picture.. and it doesn’t generate a humongous or say decent traffic of likes and comments, its demeaning for you social stature! So keep a symbiotic relationship between you n your facebook pals. You like theirs and they ll like yours! 🙂

3. No activity on your wall shouts out loud to the whole world that your life is a dud. Make your life eventful!

4. Incase you dont have any real thing to do, keep it that way. Refrain posting all sorts of app notifications every now and then. You may lose out your importance amongst your facebookers! Nobody likes spams 🙂

Its the 21 st century. Here, typing a name in google is the way of knowing who you are. Maintaining your social footprint is the way to go! I read in this article that even the employers now fall back on facebook before they make that final decision to hire you!

So,when was the last time you typed in “facebook.com” ? 😀

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