The Ad ‘Mirage’

By | July 6, 2014

Spray the deodrant and the angels would fall for you..n quite literally !!
A fairness cream that will not only bring back your self esteem but will let you excel in your career.. manifold!!
A cola in hand would make you the dude of the youngistan!!
Wear a vest and punch a bundle of men, in their face!

You can’t really beat them at selling a false world!! So convincing, some of us really start living in that virtual world.

The not so “fairy” tale..

A world where fairness is your key to happiness. Imagine the plight of the person who gets this message day in and day out.. Get fairer and your life would change forever! The never dying persuasion to use those endless products, all for that lighter skin. Not just the person, but the idea has crippled our society as well. The moment you see someone with a dark skin tone, invariably the suggestions start pouring in! Use this.. it works! A new product has come, try, “maybe” that “works”!!  But why do we want it to be worked upon? Cause these advertisements have constructed the notion in our mind, get fairer and look beautiful! How rigid can we be?

No more pray.. dude..just spray!

A Deo spray is your sure shot way of grabbing a girl.. Never had a girl? Spray and see girls running for you!! Innocent teenagers, without having a brush with the reality, look for those brands as their saviors. How can we call such a gross idea of selling a deo spray a “creative” piece of work? And who are your target consumers? Its good to use it to be prim and proper. But how can you justify the idea of girls getting attracted to you like a magnet.. from all corners of the world! Please let some sanity prevail. Don’t hide your creative “incompetence’ behind such a lame thought.

The Celeb Effect..

The brand endorsements is the other tactic advertisers employ to hit our conscious. Super stars endorsing an Indian hand bag brand when they themselves go for nothing less than a Louis Vuitton or Prada. Beauty soaps that guarantee you a skin like them, while they never reveal their clinical.. Oops.. I meant, beauty secrets 🙂
The wafers that they want us to subscribe to, are totally invisible in their own “healthy” diets. I hear a lot of celebrities quoting often, “I endorse a product only when I believe in it“. But the truth is – You endorse it only when you get a whopping pay cheque for it!

What kind of a responsible marketing is this? Can’t there be a better way to sell a fairness cream, without demeaning the people with a darker complexion?To sell a deo spray, without declaring women, mere objects for sexual desire! C’mon guys, you can do better than that! All u need to add is some thinking!
And we, as the consumers, can be more aware to ward of falling into any false promises or guarantees.

Use your common sense to differentiate between reality n mirage. What’s possible n what’s like aiming for the stars!

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6 thoughts on “The Ad ‘Mirage’

  1. Val Casale

    I just want to tell you that I am all new to blogs and seriously savored this web site. Almost certainly I’m planning to bookmark your site . You really have exceptional stories. Thanks a lot for sharing your web site.

  2. Jassimar

    Hey Nancy..rightly conveyed. Most of the adds are misleading, we need to use our brains what is good and bad for us , what we want and what we don’t.

  3. Sridevi Datta

    I agree. A lot of irresponsible advertising sends wrong set of messages to youngsters which further plummets their self esteem to an all time low.

    1. nancy Post author

      So true and its such a nuisance now a days! Thanks for dropping by Sridevi!


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