Birth “happy” day

By | September 13, 2013

As I draw close towards my own birthday, I feel the urge to question certain notions that are there since I’ve been born.. at least!!
Its always called a “Happy” Birthday..I wonder why a birthday should always be happy? Why can’t it be just another regular day of your life.
I see a lot of people (including me till sometime back) doing certain things on their B’day. Visiting temple, wearing special clothes, meeting friends, eating outside, receiving gifts, phone calls etc..etc..
I wonder what stops them from doing any of these on any regular day? What’s so special in doing them on their b’day?
Do they need a particular day to celebrate their existence on this earth?
You don’t need to assign a day to feel special, loved and cared. You don’t need a date on the calendar to do good deeds, to feel happy and look beautiful. I am not against you feeling special, cared and loved on your birthday. I am against the idea of feeling like this only on your birthday..
Okay.. so how I see a birthday?
For me its a day to look back into your life. Into the ups and downs and the people who made difference to your life at each and every juncture.
To look back and ask – have you done enough to thank them all for being there for you? To answer – have you done enough for yourself and your dreams if you gonna die tomorrow?
Instead of giving all the importance to your birth day.. share it equally amongst remaining days of the year.. Feel special and loved each day.. everyday..and on your birthday.. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Birth “happy” day

  1. Nitin

    Hey…Good Write up haan..Makes sense..

    Life i guess gets busy these days while not making full use of each day we have got used to do things at the eleventh hour..or at least at such opportune times

    By the way ..a Very very Happy Birthday !!

  2. Sunny Talwar

    He he he ha ha ha ho ho ho… i see what u actually mean…. u r trying to convience people to gift something to u everyday and not just ur birthday :)…. very smart i must say….

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