Pawn on the chessboard

By | July 6, 2014

3263836-chess-piece--pawn-with-drawing-mainlands-on-chess-boardThe one thing that leaves me miffed and baffled is the habit of reading one’s horoscope – every morning… daily!
Picture this:
A nice sunny morning..You are all set to start your day . And you pick up that paper lying on your breakfast table and quickly jump to your favorite page of horoscopes.

You need to work hard today.. and not indulge into any arguments…First half would not be not good. However in the later half you will be successful in what you do. Also keep a check on your cash outflow today.
…And you start your day with these thoughts in your mind.

Its a new day.. its a new start.. So why confine your actions and thoughts around “instructions” you’ ve read this morning or rather every morning? I can already sense a few counter arguments coming around. The famous debate between the pro active and reactive.
Its good to know what’s coming and act accordingly – says the pro active.
I dont like to fore see what’s coming and keep my reaction till the last responsive moment – says the reactive.
Its which side YOU choose.

It appears insane to me to rely on someone else’s predictions for your day, applying on all the arians..librans.. etc etc..existing!!
And to add further, I think these newspaper horoscopes are just the the subset of the bigger bunch of problems surrounding us. We, I guess, love to know what’s coming up it the next day or next year.. The crazily high number of numerologists, palmists, astrologists flourishing in the market today are manifestation of this fact. They, are the BIGGER bunch of problem and are successfully en cashing on this human trait. And WE are letting them…
Right.. Right.. I know.. They ward off the evil by telling you what’s wrong where.. and well in time. That’s what you were to say? Actually.. see it this way.. they tell you what’s the next problem you should worry about..What’s the next issue they should bank upon. The bigger the problem .. the more they can loosen your pockets…

But why don’t you understand? Why don’t you see the way they have crippled you of clean and independent thinking? You are going out for an important meeting.. ask them the “correct time”.. You are buying a house.. ask them the “auspicious day”.

This faith or blind faith, as I must say, is a “whirlpool”. You start on the surface and it takes you deeper and deeper inside..and then the ability to leave is out of question. The complexities it associates with every move and every thought of yours is manifold. But in the habit of complying to this faith you don’t get a chance to realize this.
I read a nice thing about one of the top rankers in the list of inauspicious signs – a cat crossing your way when you step out. It said – take it as if “the cat was also going somewhere “!
Its high time to not let any one rob you off your power of making decisions. Have a simple WHY for everything you are asked to believe..make your own decisions and OWN the results or consequences.
To say the least…Stop being moved as a pawn on the chessboard of life…

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4 thoughts on “Pawn on the chessboard

  1. Sunny Talwar

    I might sound that I don’t actually believe in what you have said here, but that won’t be true. I have a habit of judging things not before looking at two ends of a coin.

    Lets say if there is some hidden magic out there, the magic we can’t really see, we can’t really feel….what if there are things out there that actually make difference….and normal human brain is so dumb that we can’t really interpret them….If that’s somehow proves to be true, why not make use of the available information to make better decisions (this is the exact same thing we are being taught in B-Schools, make educated decisions with the best available information)…. We look for guidance from people around us, it is when we rely to much on them is when the problem arrives.

    My point here is i don’t believe in all this bullshit of reading horoscopes and going to astrologers and giving them the power to decide your future… but getting informed may not be as bad as we might think… we don’t necessarily have to agree to what we see….we should take our own decisions and should be brave enough to hold ourself responsible for the actions we take… 🙂

    1. Nancy Sharma Post author

      I understand what you are trying to put forward. But as I said its really difficult to draw a line …
      As I mentioned in the post, its difficult to come out to the surface once you are there inside..
      I am not trying to bring out an image of an Atheist.. I do believe in a supreme power..
      But don’t get yourself involved into all this” too much”.. and here “too much” is subjective for everyone..

  2. vijay chandran

    Interesting article. Suppose one believes in the concept of destiny, fate, ‘kismat’ etc… (whatever you want to call it), and logically analyse it, we’d have to believe that it is unchangeable. Why? well consider this, if one were to be aware of ones fate and take appropropriate measures to successfully change it, the question will arise that maybe one were destined to learn about how one could alter ones future and therefore one didn’t make any difference at all. Reminds me of the Heisenbergs uncertainty principle ……

    Hence for all of you who believe in destiny, lets face it you can’t change it ( atleast you can’t logically prove that you can change it ), then why bother about it !!!!!!

    Knowing the future is only gonna make your life boring !!!! So lets live in the moment….:-)

  3. Aman

    nice article.. i agree wid almost everything u said..
    d ending line was great 🙂


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