IPL Season-II — The Proteas version.

By | September 13, 2013


Guys flocking the Dare Devils T-shirt almost every where..Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI part of  every household..Dhoni and his Chennai Super Kings all over the TV ads. . Hrithik dancing with Mumbai Indians…Wasn’t  cricket in the air?

That was IPL Season-I for you..

IPL is a brand that is associated with India.If we think about the reason that made this concept click so well with all of us.. I think of the “INDIAN-ness” associated with it. The dominance of India in this whole concept was the key factor.

The ongoing tussle between the central government and BCCI did make its presence feel regularily on various channels and newspapers. But never did any one of us realise that there could be a  possibilty of holding this event outside too…

I remember listening this news over some radio channel and for a moment I felt “What the hell”!  Though we all would miss the cricket fever out here in India.. but the implications of this decision were a bit more serious than just this.

And this prompted me to write this blog..In My opinion by shifting this mega event outside India we have raised a number of eyebrows on the tall claim that we make about India being a safe country. The tussle between the BCCI and the central government has left lot of people clueless..was it really a predicament?

Just after an year’s time we are hosting the Commen Wealth 2010. Will the countries now be confident to come over here for this event?

A country cannot come to a stand still cause of nation wide polls. The organizers explain that out of holding the event or cancelling it….former made more sense. Absolutely true. But what I feel is that  there should not have been any question of making a choice between polls and the tournament at all. Both are two different concepts all together. A country like India should  definately be capable of organising both these events.

Another thing, we all know that IPL is  a million dollar show. But what leaves me befuddled is this simple question-“Couldn’t the organizers go a step further and arrange for private security forces?”  Was shifting this tournament to a foreign soil the only possible solution?

Well , now that we have moved the event to South Africa so this piece of information should be passed onto our honourable ministers. SA is itself going for polls come April 22. How comfortable does this leave us now?

Though the viewers would get to watch it on prime time(as stressed by BCCI often) but this season of IPL will definitely miss the frenzy of Indian cricket fans. Aspects like thousands of fans supporting their home team, the hype, hoopla and high decibel levels at stadiums here, can never be compensated at least in this season of IPL.

–Brickpats welcome!!

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2 thoughts on “IPL Season-II — The Proteas version.

  1. vijay

    i totaly agree that we’ve sent out the wrong message to the world.

    Well written especially the part about SA going for polls … total shocker … that info came out of the blue !!!

    Great going ….


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